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Wood Chippers – What Fargo Can Teach Us

The Academy Award wi…

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The Academy Award winning Fargo is memorable for its moving performances, its dark yet humorous plot, and that scene involving a wood chipper. Spoiler alert: Steve Buscemi’s inept criminal character Carl Showalter is axed to death and jammed into a wood chipper by his partner-in-crime. I don’t know about you, but I vote that as the most inventive and gruesome use of a wood chipper ever.

Maybe it’s because of this Coen brother film that wood chippers get a bad rap. Maybe many people don’t know how useful a wood chipper really is. As already stated, it’s useful for chopping up murdered victims, so Mafia bosses, better line up before they’re sold out! For the everyday, common, passive gardener who could only be accused of killing a bug or two, wood chippers are very beneficial. Used to reduce tree limbs and trunks into wood chips or sawdust, wood chippers are usually power generated by an internal combustion engine. It’s one of the easiest ways to recycle and remove yard debris like fallen tree branches. And it’s so simple to use, which is why I’m sure it appealed to the bungling thug of Fargo. Put the tree limb inside and turn on the machine. The chips fall out through a chute. Ta-da! Now you have wood chips for all your wood chip needs, like providing ground cover. Note: Be extremely cautious around these machines or you will end up like poor Showalter.

New advances in chipper shredder technology have lead to quieter shredders and chippers, with higher horsepower and more powerful motors. High carbon knives, hydraulic feed wheels, and muffling systems are also all part of the wood chipper shredder revolution. Chipper shredder improvements also include reversible feeding to avoid bogging down the engine and saving on the wear and tear of chipper knives.

Additionally, there are chippers and shredders that are more compact and lightweight, focusing on converting yard waste like brush and leaves into free mulch, which helps improve soil texture in any yard. Since the making of Fargo in the 1990’s, there are far more efficient, quieter, cleaner wood chippers out there than Steve Buscemi could have ever dreamed of being chopped into a million tiny pieces in. But keep in mind that although every chipper and shredder varies in what you can chip or shred, it is not recommended under any circumstances to use it on human body parts. Or Steve Buscemi. Get a wood chipper and start shredding and chipping of all those yard trimmings today!



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