There are many different kinds of people that need to buy plant pots. Of course, you have the domestic growers at home that like to watch flowers bloom, grow fruit trees and even nurture young hedges. Then, you have the nurseries that are growing plants to sell and need plant pots of all shapes and sizes.

But something you need to realise is that plant pots are more than just plant pots. They are not all the same, and you need to be careful about the types you are buying. Let’s take a closer look at why you need to pay attention to the plant pots you buy.

Plastic is Most Affordable

First of all, something you want to take note of when you are choosing plant pots is the material used. This is something that is going to influence the price. If you are a business, you are going to be spending a lot on different plant pots for your customers. This is going to add up. So, you want to ensure you are choosing a material that is affordable as well as able to do the job.

The best material for plant pots is plastic. This offers some flexibility and is durable enough for giving to customers. What’s more, it is able to deal with water and moisture from plants. But, it is also cost-effective, which is important for a business. In particular, you will benefit from buying wholesale plant pots, as this can be the best deal. For example, Dejex offers lightweight plant pots at cost-effective prices. This can help your business, as well as provide a sturdy and transportable material for plants you are growing.

The Size Affects Growth

Another element you need to consider is the size of the plant pots you need. You cannot just purchase any size and believe that it is the best option for what you are growing. You have to ensure you carefully choose the sizes, and you can upgrade over time.

In particular, you want to ensure that the plant has enough space to grow. It should be able to spread out its roots. But, if you buy one that is too big, this can mean that there is too much moisture in the soil, which can be bad for plants. The best thing to do is slowly upgrade the plant pot based on how much it grows. This can be done over time for healthy growth.

Drainage Holes Avoid Root Damage

Something else you need to pay attention to when you are buying plant pots is the base. In particular, you need to ensure that there are drainage holes present. This is something that is not just there for decoration. Instead, they are vital for the health of the plants and to allow excess water to drain away from the roots and pot.

The best piece of advice is only to buy plant pots with drainage holes. This is going to prevent the roots from getting damaged and rotting. In addition, it will stop bacteria growth, which can result from there being too much moisture present. Again, the holes allow any excess water to go somewhere and do not leave the plant simply sitting in it.

The Shape Plays a Part in Growth

There are many people that assume the shape of a plant pot does not matter. In other words, it is just something that affects the aesthetic. But this is not true. In fact, the shape of a plant pot can affect growth due to the amount of water it can hold.

For example, if you choose a plant pot that is tall and narrow, this is going to dry out quite fast. Of course, the water goes down the way, which can take it away from the roots. Alternatively, a plant pot that is short and wide will hold more water, which might not be ideal for some plants that like dry soil. You will need to consider carefully what you are growing.