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Why is New Metro City Gujar Khan a good investment?

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New Metro City Gujar Khan is a project to cater to modern-day residential needs. It is being developed in one of the semi-urban tehsils of District Rawalpindi, i.e., Gujar Khan. It is seen as a mega project for the inmates of Gujar Khan because of the high-end housing it offers. Though it is yet in the pre-launch phase, it has attracted considerable investments.

There are various reasons why investors see it as a big opportunity. One of the big reasons is the prime location as it is located on the main G. T. Road, which connects to different areas. As this road connects different areas of Punjab, so the investors will be able to take benefit from it. It is a good investment opportunity for both residential and commercial investors.

Here is a brief overview of New Metro City Gujar Khan and how it can bring benefits to investors.

New Metro City Gujar Khan – A Mega Housing Project

New Metro City Gujar Khan is a mega project in Punjab as it is being developed by one of the most famous real estate development companies. Also, it is seen as one of the first major endeavors to bring luxurious housing to Gujar Khan. As the project is launched, it will attract a huge number of investors.

The developers of New Metro City Gujar Khan aim to develop it in a speedy manner. They have already acquired the land for the development of the project. As the developmental works continue, further investment flow has continued. Real estate market analysts see New Metro City Gujar Khan as the leading mega housing project in Punjab.

Those who are interested in the purchase of plots can book residential plots as they are available at pre-launch rates.

Why is it a beneficial investment?

New Metro City Gujar Khan is a major investment opportunity to take benefit of the growing real estate market. Here are some reasons why it is a good investment.

Prime Location

The major reason for the investment rush in New Metro City Gujar Khan is its prime location. As it is located close to main G. T. Road Gujar Khan, it can be accessed from different areas of Punjab. While it is a few minutes’ distance from the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

The accessible location will make commuting easier for the prospective inmates. Also, commercial investors will see a huge influx of customers. So, the investment will bring them a considerable amount in profits.

Reliable Developers

New Metro City Gujar Khan has attracted customers because of its reliable developers. It is being developed by Bilal Steel Mills Developers, a known name in real estate development. It is being led by Mr. Bilal Bashir Malik, grandson of Mr. Malik Riaz Hussain.

Mr. Bilal Bashir Malik has vast experience in managing various businesses. These include real estate, the steel industry, etc. His company has worked on real estate development projects like Gwadar Golf City and New Metro City Kharian. So, his experience will result in the success of this project.


New Metro City Gujar Khan hasn’t yet received its NOC. As the project is in the pre-launch phase, it is expected to fulfill the requirements soon. As evident from the track record of BSM Developers, the acquisition of NOC won’t be a problem.

The developers are working on basic development like leveling, development of basic infrastructure, etc. Once the requirements are fulfilled, New Gujar Khan Metro City NOC will be approved soon.

Payment Plan

New Metro City Gujar Khan payment plan has been announced for residential plots. The developers have announced the booking of plots on pre-launch rates, which will continue till the official launch. Once the project is officially launched, the plot prices will be revised.

According to available updates, there are plot sizes of 5, 7, 10 marla, and 1 Kanal plots available to the investors. The payment plan is quite flexible, so the investors won’t find it burdensome.


The ROI of New Metro City Gujar Khan will be considerable because of its prime location. As real estate is one of the profitable investments, so the investors will be able to recover their actual amount along with the profit.


New Metro City Gujar Khan is a high-end housing project being developed in Tehsil Gujar Khan, District Rawalpindi. It is a luxurious project for the inmates of one of the relatively underdeveloped tehsils in Punjab. It is because of the accessible location and reliable developers that this project has attracted considerable investment. Those who are interested in booking a plot can do it at pre-launch rates.

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