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Who is Felicity Blunt? Get to Know Stanley Tucci’s Wife

The subject of much …

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The subject of much attention over the years, Felicity Blunt married American actor Stanley Tucci on January 8th, 1982, living in New York and London with their two children. The couple met on the set of his film Big Night when she was just some years old and have been together ever since. From her pre-fame days as an aspiring ballerina to her illustrious career today, on to learn more about the couple and their family life, from who Felicity Blunt is to what it’s like married to such a notable actor. So how old is felicity blunt?

Who is Felicity Blunt?

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Felicity blunt is a literary agent working for the Curtis Brown publishing talent agency in the United Kingdom. As the wife of the actor and former model Stanley Tucci, she has a significant public profile. She is married to the famous American actor, model, producer, and author Stanley Tucci. Felicity Blunt is also an actress in her own right. Before beginning her internship at the Wylie Agency and working with Curtis Brown blunt. She had completed her education and passed the bar exam. she has been working here at the Institution. She has collaborated with famous fiction authors, including Jilly Cooper, Danielle Steel, and Rosamund Lipton.

And Felicity has also dabbled in non-fiction, exceptionally cookbooks written by Anna Jones and Claire Ptak – who made Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding cake. She has also worked with her husband Stanley on his previous cookbooks and new food memoir. Before interning at Curtis Brown and Wylie Agency, she first trained as a barrister. I desire to represent unique stories and intelligent voices in my fiction tastes,” she wrote of her reading preferences in their diary. “I want to feel passionate about the narrative and believe absolutely in the world an author has created.”

Early Life & Family Members

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Felicity Blunt was born in London, Britain, on January 8th, 1982. She has reached the age of 40. elicit blunt father’s name is Oliver Simon Peter Blunt, and he is an actor, and the name of her mother is Joanna Blunt. Her mother had a theater career and worked as a teacher. Her dad is a lawyer who works in the legal profession. Even the Queen had used his legal services at one point. Because of this, she felt driven to pursue a career in the legal field once she graduated from college.

She is the middle child of three. Their names are Emily Blunt, Sebastian Blunt, and Susannah Blunt. Emily, Sebastian, and Susannah Blunt. They are working actors in the industry. She holds citizenship in the United Kingdom. In a similar vein, she descends from Whites and Caucasians. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn. She is a devoted follower of Christianity.


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At Age 9, she was an intern at NASA. She earned a degree in mathematics from Oxford University and a Ph.D. in astrophysics from the University of Sydney before studying for her law degree at Yale Law School and taking on post-doctoral fellowships in Harvard’s astronomy department, Australia’s CSIRO radio astronomy research center. Stanley Tucci, the first wife of actor/producer/writer Stanley Tucci married him. They have two children together.

Professional Career

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In literary fields in the countries of Western Europe, notably, Felicity is relatively well-known. At first, she spent some time working as a lawyer in the legal field as a barrister. First, she worked as an intern at Wiley before becoming a full-time member at Curtis Brown, where she still spends most of her time searching for talented performers for a company based in London. She collaborates with authors who write both fiction and non-fiction books. People who help by her services, who you might have heard of. Include Rosamund Lupton, Tamar Cohen, Renee Knight, and Jessica Cornwell.

Rosamond helped Felicity with publishing Sister. Tamar helped Felicity with publishing The Mistress Revenge. Renee helped felicity Tucci with publishing the Disclaimer. Felicity was also a part of the Women’s Prize for Fiction judging panel. In addition, blunt employed by the London talent agency Curtis Brown as a literary agent. According to the bio provided by Curtis Brown, she began her career as a barrister before transitioning into the publishing industry.

How many children does Stanley Tucci have?

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Felicity blunt and Stanley share two children – seven-year-old son Matteo and 4-year-old daughter Emilia. Plus, Stanley’s three older children from a previous marriage – twins Isabel and Nicolo, and Camilla. In an interview with House Beautiful, Stanley revealed that his kids share his same passion for food, with the first question they ask when he comes home from work being ‘What’s for dinner?’. “We set the table and always have candles, creating a friendly atmosphere. Usually, we have something simple such as a pasta bake. They had their first child – a baby boy they named Matteo. A year later, they welcomed their second son, Emilio.

Where do Felicity and Stanley live?

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Felicity and Stanley live in South London in a famous district found in Richmond-Upon-Thames. Stanley described his home to House Beautiful as a “very welcoming 1900s semi-detached”. “It’s very much a family home,” he added. “I wish our house were a bit wider, but it does have a long garden, so we’re going to expand the kitchen into a big living/working/cooking/dining space. Fans who follow Stanley on Instagram can catch glimpses of his “mid-century modern” home via his cocktail and cooking videos. One post captioned “Yesterday’s brunch” sees Stanley cook in his white marble and excellent grey-colored kitchen.

He then tucks into his dish outside, giving viewers a sneak peek of his garden. Born and raised in New York, Stanley emigrated to the UK permanently. He’s remained in London ever since and has admitted to ‘liking the rain’ – which is undoubtedly a good thing considering the British weather. The actor even learned to speak with an English accent for roles, including the character Arthur Bach in Love. The first marriage for both stars was relatively short-lived.

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Are Felicity Blunt and Emily Blunt related?

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Yes, Felicity Blunt is Emily Blunt’s older sister. The siblings are two of four children born to former actress and teacher Joanna and barrister husband Oliver Blunt QC. Felicity and Emily have another sister named Susannah and a brother Sebastian, who is also an actor. The two sisters appear to be very close, with Emily being a bridesmaid at Stanley and Felicity’s wedding. In short, Emily’s blunt sister married Stanley Tucci. At an age when many of her peers were still navigating their way through high school and university.

Felicity was already making a name for herself as a model. But it wasn’t until she stars in Victoria’s Secret’s annual fashion show that she caught Hollywood producers’ attention. That same year she made her film debut in Roland Emmerich’s blockbuster The Patriot. She has since featured in over 20 films, including The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and In Good Company.

How did Stanley Tucci meet his wife?

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Stanley Tucci first met his wife Felicity at The Devil Wears Prada premiere. Even though, at the time, he was still married to his first wife, Kate Tucci. Though the two did not meet again until Emily Blunt’s wedding to John Krasinski, the pair sparked undeniable chemistry and a romantic relationship afterward. Felicity agreed to have dinner with Stanley on her sister’s wedding day. To her delight, they found they had a lot in common, particularly their shared interest in food. Soon after, Stanley and Felicity went to another restaurant where they ate for four hours, with Stanley suitably impressed by the cheese cart. During a romantic trip to Berlin, Stanley proposes to Felicity. “I thought that was incredible,” he said. A year later, they were married privately.

What happened to Stanley Tucci’s first wife?

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It was tragic to learn that Stanley Tucci first wife, Kathryn Tucci, had passed away from cancer. The young social worker, better known as Kate, met Stanley through mutual friends. During their 14-year marriage, the couple had three children together. In The Devil Wears Prada film, Kate diagnoses with cancer and treat. Unfortunately, she passed away three years later. Grieving never stops.

After 11 years, Stanley told CBS Sunday Morning’s Holly Williams, “it’s still hard. And it will always be hard.”. Nevertheless, you can’t let it… and she would never want us to wallow in grief and let it take over our lives. So it wasn’t until four years after Kate’s death that she found love with her new wife, Felicity. Before Kate died, the two women met.