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What to Do When Your Newt Won’t Eat

Your newt may look s…

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Your newt may look small and cute but make no mistake he or she is a hunter. Newts are carnivorous hunters, that in the wild, hunter for fresh food every day in order to sustain their life. Newts are also much smarter than some of the other fresh water aquarium pets you may have. Pets like gold fish don’t know the difference between flaked fish food and live fresh food. Fish will never turn away a meal just because it isn’t wiggling at the surface of the tank. This isn’t necessarily true with newts.

Many times certain newts, especially fire bellied newts, will refuse food the isn’t fresh. This is due to their hunters instincts. These instincts have kept newts alive for millions of years and can not be easily over looked. So what do you do if your pet newt isn’t eating the food you are feeding it?

This is not a very big problem, if your newt isn’t eating the dry food you are attempting to feed it, you should probably try fresh food. Fresh, live food will very likely stimulate your newts hunter’s instinct and they will catch and feed it.

Here are some examples of some store bought food a finicky newt may eat. Try feeding your newt brine shrimp, blood worms, tubifex, daphnia, or mosquito larvae. These types of pet food can be found in most larger pet stores. Here are some examples of newt food you can find right in your back yard. Try to catch small bugs, crickets, slugs or earthworms. These are critters that most of us can find right in our back yards.

So if your newt isn’t eating the newt s flakes or pellets, don’t panic try some fresh food instead.