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“What Is a Lathe Machine?”

What is a Lathe Mach…

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What is a Lathe Machine?.

You think about Industry and what is the first thought that comes to mind. It’s – A Machine.
The most common that even a child can remind you of are Drill Machines Welding Machines, Cutters etc. And a little one step above your thought will take an eye on a Lathe Machine.
When it comes to shaping any metal, wood or any other material, a this machine is a tool that is principally used for. It is a machine tool powerful enough to shape metals.
It removes unwanted metal from the surface and delivers the desired designs or shapes.
This machine can perform operations like cutting, sanding, drilling etc. The most common products of these machines are used in automotive industry are Camshafts Crankshafts.

A Journey through the past

Have you ever imagined how and when these machines come into existence? Egyptians designed the first ever lathe. It was the two person lathe machine. It was developed around 1300 B.C. It could perform turning and shaping. The woodworking piece was manually turned by a rope and a sharp tool is used to give the desired shape to the wood piece.removing the unwanted wood from the surface. The machine we see at present day has travelled centuries and has gone through constant improvements and modifications during its long journey till date. And it’s not that only Egyptians paved way for improvemet. The Romans added a turning bow to the Egyptians’ manual turning by hand. Then the pedal was introduced in the middle ages. The industrial revolution put steam engine in it. During 19th and 20th century individual motor and the adaption of numerically controlled mechanism has evolve the machine.

Market – An Overview

According to a report in 2015 the global Lathe machine market size was estimated at $9,925 million and it will touch $12,012 million by 2022. The growing automotive production, end-users high demand, hi-tech machinery need and some other factors drive the machinery industry.Though a slowdown in China’s economy and global uncertainty in manufacturing sector has restrained the growth of Lathe Machine market still it is growing. There is online marketplace of lathe machine.

Segment Overview:

The operation, type, end-user industry and geography defines the global market. Considering ‘Type’these machines are categorized into two types, vertical and horizontal. According to made of operation, they are segmented into CNC, conventional and manually operated lathes. CNC have taken an edge over other types and had a dominant share in 2015 and it is expected to maintain their position. How far lathe machines travel in the future and with what economics will be a step by technology.



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