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It’s quite incredibl…

By Fathur , in Uncategorized , at 2022-12-01

It’s quite incredible how a simple loop that goes around your neck can actually say so much about your personality. Through the pages of the celebrity media, we can gauge how we should be pigeon holing some personalities. The classic Mr T character in the A Team, BA Baracus, with his Mohican hair and layer upon layer of gold jewellery showcased a tough guy exterior who was ex commando.

Equally, Johnny Depp is rarely seen without several layers of mens necklaces evoking a more bohemian but equally on trend persona.

The necklaces on their own do not tell the whole story. However, a necklace which adorns the neck of a notorious Hollywood actor will take on a whole new narrative, which can then be recreated and repeated by individuals the world over who want to emanate the characteristics of their favourite characters. Indeed, you could connect the gold fetish of Mr T as a precursor to the later fad for diamond encrusted bling so loved by the rappers of the nineties and noughties. Its ‘in your face’ obvious showcasing of wealth reflects the often brutal poetry that rapping often incites.

Here are some other traits that we think your necklace says about you.

Classic dog tag

A dog tag is an evocative piece of jewellery for men due to their military association. A dog tag was originally developed during the American civil war. They were worn by soldiers who, if they dies on the battlefields, could then be easily identified by their dog tags. Originally they were disc shaped, but by the Second World War the shape had changed to the rectangle that we now recognise.

A dog tag necklace is a true confirmation of your masculinity. The military connection lends it resonance and authority, and also empathy, which is reflected back on the wearer.


One of the most iconic characters to have come out of the eighties is Tom Selleck in the lead role of Magnum PI. His hairy chest, moustache and medallion became a firm weekly fixture on TV screens the world over. The look may still feel a bit dated today, however, layered up with other styles of necklaces means that the medallion still plays a vital role in male jewellery collections, evoking the innate masculinity of Magnum PI while lifting the trend into the 21st century by juxta positioning it against contrasting more natural materials like leather and wooden beads.


Skull and crossbones

Yep – we’re back to Johnny Depp, and many other celebrities too, like Keith Richards, Billy Idol, Alice Cooper and Steven Tyler. The Skull and Cross Bones has long been a symbol of the more rebellious nature of global rock stars, showcasing their somewhat more irreverent nature in a bid to rage against the system.

Selecting jewellery with a skull and crossbones scheme puts you in the camp of that slightly rebellious, but definitely cool and trendy if slightly archaic element.

Religious icons

Necklaces with religious symbols showcase a degree of empathy and integrity, someone who has morals and is not afraid to outwardly demonstrate this commitment to a faith. When you consider that over there generations there have been many communities who have had to suppress or hide their faith, to openly proclaim it as part of their personality is a true act of liberation and freedom of speech.

The jewellery that you choose to wear is not just a symbol of wealth, but also a statement of your own personal values and faiths. It is for this reason that your jewellery collection should be a source of pride, and cared for over the years.