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What Do You Feed Rabbits?

Rabbits are wonderfu…

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Rabbits are wonderful creatures that are soft and cute and make great pets. But they have feelings and needs like the rest of us, and it’s important that we know how to take care of them. Diet is one of the first things to get right. So what do you feed rabbits?

Rabbits need water. Lots of clean fresh water that is available to them at all times. Make sure your rabbit won’t be able to tip over its source of water.

Ok. But what do you feed rabbits?

The bulk of a rabbit’s diet should be made up of hay. Good quality hay. Timothy hay is a good choice for most rabbits. Rabbits need to have hay available to them at all times. They like to eat constantly to keep their digestive system going, and also to chew and wear down their teeth that are always growing.

You should also give them grass and other edible greens such as dandelion leaves. I would pick all sorts of edible weeds from my backyard and give it to my rabbits. Make sure that nothing you give them has been sprayed by pesticides or picked near a busy road. You can also get dandelion leaves and other dark, leafy greens from the store. But avoid lettuce.


Pellets are a great way for your rabbit to get some added fibers and vitamins to their diet. Rabbits love pellets.Give them about a handful a day.

What do you feed rabbits? What about fruit and vegetables?

Truth is that rabbits don’t eat as many carrots as Bugs Bunny. Fruit and vegetables should generally be more of a treat than a major part of their diet. Small bits of a carrot and a tiny part of a banana is enough for a day.

Be sure not to feed your rabbit food straight from the fridge as it is too cold and might upset their stomach.

Lastly I’d like to mention that it’s important to give your rabbit something to chew on so their teeth don’t get too long. Branches are a really good way to get them to wear down their teeth.

So make sure your rabbit has fresh water, lots of hay and lots of fresh leafy greens (not lettuce). Also give him some pellets and a small bits of fruits and vegetables now and then.

I hope this answered your question on what do you feed rabbits.



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