Plumbing systems are prone to clogs due to controllable and uncontrollable causes. Older plumbing systems are more susceptible because the material used, such as cast iron, clay, or galvanized pipe, deforms. However, newer plumbing systems are no exception because people keep treating their drains as bins.

Homeowners can try gentle solutions to unclog the drain, but if it persists, ensure to call the best plumbers in Stockton. Professionals use tools and techniques to clear without damaging the pipe and guide you on preventative measures to avoid drain blockages in the future.

Here’s the list of tools used by plumbers to unclog drains.

Plumber’s Snake

This tool is a professional’s tool with a long, flexible metal coil. It takes a technique to flush out clogs in pipes and drains. It also clears other debris that has build-up around any pipe section or fitting. Plumbers do not recommend homeowners use this tool because it can damage drain pipes or leave a cracked pipe.


Hydro-jetting equipment offers cleaning of the interior of drains to get rid of oil, soap scum, and mineral deposits and improves drain efficiency. It’s a drain cleaning tool blasting out high-pressure, high-temperature streams of water in the drain pipes. This job requires special training and safety equipment because of the possible risk from the strong water streams.

Flange Plunger

A flange plunger is a specialized tool used to unclog stubborn toilet blockages. The plunger head has a similar shape to a standard plunger, but there is also an additional rubber flap called the flange attached to the dome of the plunger head. The flange flap shuts off the toilet bowl hole. Extra hydraulic pressure is applied to dislodge stubborn blockages. Consulting with experts for drain cleaning in Stockton is the best way to eliminate the problem.

Cable Cleaning

Cable cleaning is effective for both little and major plumbing problems. These devices break through clogs with rotating blades at the end of cables. The blades will also clear residue accumulation on the pipes. Cable cleaners come in different models, including sectional, continuous, and drum types.


Diagnosing the problem is the crucial step in unclogging drains. Experts use video inspection equipment or a drain camera to eliminate the guesswork and locate and identify the clog. This helps them assess the types of tools used to fix the problem. Drain blockages can damage the structural integrity of a home and make you sick. It could be tempting to clear a blockage using DIY methods, but doing so could worsen things. Connect with the experts for effective drain cleaning.