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What Can You Do If You Have an Issue With eBay?

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eBay shopping website was launched in 1995 and is arguably one of the best marketplaces for business owners looking to build brands and consumers looking for various products. It is easy to set up and start, and through eBay customer service, you can ask questions on how to buy, sell and set up an account. However, there are complaints from eBay sellers and buyers, including scams.

As you get started, checking out user reviews is critical. This can help you uncover common issues, how to get through them, or how to contact customer support. eBay customer service is quite responsive, making it easier to navigate the platform, even for beginners.

Before you think about shooting them an email, text, or call, let’s look at the common issues and how you can solve them.

The Issues You May Experience as a Seller

Seller Limitations

eBay has high standards and has imposed selling limits on new sellers. But these limitations gradually increase as you continue selling. This can be quite frustrating to the newbies.

If you want to increase your selling limits, maintain high-quality standards, and get regular and good consumer reviews. eBay will ascertain you’re a serious seller ready to offer value to the customers and the platform and increase the limit.


EBay’s shipping tools can be decent at first, but the more you grow, the more difficult it becomes to manage. A simple solution to this is using automated apps. These simple applications integrate with eBay easily, and it helps eliminate the need for manual processes. This allows the automation of processes such as syncing orders and booking couriers.

Creating Product Listing

Listing on eBay can be tedious and frustrating. One of the quick fixes is sending bulk files to eBay using a CSV file. If this doesn’t work, you can request eBay support for a simplified guide or help you list the products.

Image Restrictions

  • Stick with the size specifications. Your images should be more than 500 pixels. You can use resizing tools to help ensure the images are within acceptable ranges.
  • Use high-quality images. Images on the site show and reflect your goods’ conditions and professionalism. Ensure you take great photos showing your customer all the sides and angles of your product.
  • Do not reuse images. eBay disapproves of their sellers taking photos from other people online. It is recommended that you use your own images and if you reuse someone’s photo remember to credit the source.

The Issues You May Experience as a Buyer

Losing Money to Sellers

This occurs when you pay for a product and don’t receive it, or it is not in an acceptable condition as listed. eBay provides a Money Back guarantee to protect you from losing money or receiving defective goods. Nonetheless, some categories are not covered by this service.

You can avoid this scenario by only shopping in covered categories or thoroughly vetting vendors through user reviews and ratings.

Misleading Listings

This can happen when a seller lists an item and sets the price below the real market value. You may be tempted by the price and purchase the item only to realize the product’s packaging is what was being sold, not the contents inside.

To avoid such a scenario, take your time when buying items, ask the seller for clarification, and read as many online reviews as possible. Also, check out independent review websites for a less biased opinion.

Incorrect Naming of Shipments by Seller

In this situation, you place an order, but the sellers ship your product to your listed address. The seller uses an incorrect name to make you think you’ve received another person’s package. Open the package if it seems reasonable, and after seeing the contents of the box, you can contact eBay and report the address mix-up or return if the products aren’t what you ordered.

Final Thoughts

Selling or buying on eBay is quite convenient. You can sell your couch, clothes, old books, and antiques, to name a few. As a shopper, you can find virtually anything. Before hitting that buy now button, checking reviews is advised since you can learn a lot and avoid potential problems.

eBay customer service is quite useful, and you can easily find out more contact details and their responsiveness on independent sites like Customer service is not the only source of information in today’s online-oriented world. You can also use independent review websites for more information, including success tips and tricks as a buyer or seller.

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