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What Can I Use Instead Of Centerpieces For Flowers

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Flowers are truly the live wire of a table centerpiece but that doesn’t mean we can’t interchange them for something also refreshing. 

You probably have been thinking about being a little bit different and throwing a unique centerpiece over your tablescapes, or you just do not want the entire place flooded with flowers and you’re digging through to find some inspiration. 

There are a lot of non-floral centerpiece ideas that can bring a spark, shimmer, and shine to any occasion. There is no cause to worry if you don’t like an overflow of blooms in your event because you can also make a statement even without flowers. 

These replacements can be sculptures, small pieces of artwork, balloons, fruits, veggies, and even painted leaves. 

In this piece, we will be discussing some top-notch ideas that you can explore for your centerpieces without flowers taking the highlight of the day. 

We’ve put together these centerpiece alternatives with a modern touch that can fit into any wedding style irrespective of your wedding theme, color or décor choices. These concepts will bring in glamor and elegance as they amaze your guests. View to learn more ideas for wedding decoration.

The following are beautiful ideas that can replace the centerpiece on your guest’s table.

Fresh Greens

Everyone loves the look of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruit on the tree can make an exquisite centerpiece when placed on a tabletop. Bringing together a couple of different bright-colored fruits surrounded by veggies can make a statement centerpiece. 

Gather citrus, apples, carrots, and colored cabbages. Put them into boxes, planters, or vintage books.

Paper Flowers

Going outside the box to let out a creative collection of papers put together to form flowers is a good non-floral option. Arrange quilling paper flowers in painted mason jars. This can be fun and exciting getting the papers into shapes like roses or sunflowers. Paper flowers are a delight to behold.

Ocean Frenzy

This is obtained from the beauty of the sea with creatures brought from deep waters like conch shells, sea glass, and corals. This ocean-inspired centerpiece adorns a lakeside or waterfall wedding with every detail of an oceanic artwork.

Burning Lanterns 

Burning lanterns bring an edgy touch of recent glee to the tablescapes. Burning lanterns come in various shapes and sizes that can create an atmosphere of romance. You can use a quick coat of spray paint to transform the lanterns into your preferred color to spice things up. 

Glass Cloches 

For couples with fanciful woodland wedding themes, cloches and moss are a fun wedding décor option. Don’t be limited to glass vases since you’re skipping wedding flower arrangements. Instead, use unique vessels like cloches to hold your forest-motivated table decor.

Potted Herbs

Herbs are a pleasant way to refresh your centerpiece décor. Most herbs have a soothing fragrance. Collect a row of different nonirritating herbs with not-so-strong scents then fill them into little jars. The herb can double as a favor takeaway to your guests. Announce to inform them they could take one home after the occasion is over. 

Branch Glamor

When it comes to this pattern for your centerpiece, go ahead of your mind to the unconventional breathtaking. Gather tree branches, paint them if you would, then run some candelabra or drape lights around them to create glamor and ecstasy.

Fruit Friendly 

Beyond simply placing fruits on your table, It would be a sensational delight to cut them open on your tablescape. The insides of pomegranates and lemons add dimension as a centerpiece especially if they’re skillfully arranged like in sliced rows or snackable sections.

Candle Party

Centerpieces made from the staples of bright candles are classy. You can simply transform your non-flora table space by forming a party with your candles. Put together in groups white candles with some vintage ornaments to garnish the table. These metal candle holder centerpieces will lift your tablescape and give your candle party the life it deserves.

Glass Orbs

Apart from using deep-water materials of sea shells and cords, glass orbs can light up your décor. To highlight the glass orbs, wrap them around colored ropes forming a chain around them. This concept is certainly out of the box and can cause a beautiful stare at your event.

Book Stacks

This is a fantastic way to put flowers behind and share a bit about you with your guests. Pull books that speak about you, get novels that share your interests, and put in tour guides, dictionaries, and diaries that show your personality. Seal the design up with some scented leaves.

Lollipop Festival

If you plan to have a kids’ table at your wedding, have fun with the centerpiece design. Choose something the kids and youngsters will enjoy. Bring to the kid’s table a festival decked into a centerpiece made of colorfully wrapped lollipops to be enjoyed throughout the day. The kids will certainly not forget your nuptials in a hurry to have made a memorable impression.

Balloon Bubbles 

Fill up your reception tables with colorful bubbles of balloons tied together in a row. Working with Balloons is an entertaining way to bring the party into the party. There are no limits to how you want to explore using balloons. Just ensure they make a delightful bubble on every table slab.

Tropical Monstera

Given the scale of monstera leaves, they are an excellent choice for couples who want a minimal-yet-tropical tablescape. The jive of the monstera leaf layers will bring a dramatic texture to your simple table design. Gather enough of the leaves, then fill them up in glass bottles, pour water into them then place them nicely.

Birdcage Magic

Running away from florals to something more artistic is a birdcage. Bird cages are valuable and versatile decoration items for adding details to your wedding. You can fill them with figs, greens, and lights and sculpted ornaments to elaborate it.

Pineapple Parfait

What a great way to combine a splash of nature, adventure, and fantasy boiling on your tablescape with this décor pattern. 

Grab enough pineapples, take away the edible part for a fresh juice if you would, then fill the center of the pine with roses, palms, vines, and olives. 

You can use monstera leaves to form mats for the pineapple parfait. Place some candle jars by the sides to create an irresistible charming aura. 

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