Numerous research studies have shown that gardening can reduce stress, and promote feelings of calm and relaxation. Only recently, it was announced that doctors are to begin prescribing gardening as an alternative to antidepressants. Gardening is considered to boost mental health. However, gardening is not just a mood booster. Gardening promotes health, it increases hope, and provides enjoyment.

Ask any gardener or allotment holder, why they enjoy gardening and they will tell you that gardening is rewarding and is a form of therapy. But whilst some people class gardening as a hobby, others consider gardening a chore. Indeed, gardening is not for everyone. Some people take enjoyment from carrying out  home improvements and discovering the latest DIY tool trends, but for others mother nature is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Whether you garden on your own, or work alongside others in a community garden, check out the latest garden tool hire advice and discover the 10 best and most common gardening hand tools to have at your disposal.

Digging fork

An experienced gardener will tell any novice that a good garden fork is one of the most essential items to have. It is a vital piece of kit because it can be used to aerate the soil, break up compacted soil, remove weeds, create seed drills, and mix in manure and fertiliser. Its sharp prongs make it easier to dig soil than a spade.


Some people call it a shovel. Other people call it a spade. Whatever you call it, a spade is another essential item that any respectable gardener will have at their disposal. A spade is designed for digging tasks. Use it to dig large holes, edge borders, or divide shrubs.

Pole pruner

Pole pruners are ideal for tree maintenance work. They enable a gardener to reach inaccessible places easily and safely whilst on the ground. Pole pruners are lightweight and easy to use, and they are perfect for cutting branches at a height of up to five metres.


Do you need to hire a rake because you wish to scarify your lawn? Or do you require garden tool hire because you need to remove stones and other debris from your land? A rake is a great multi-purpose tool. Use it to gather debris, such as leaves. Or remove stones from the soil before you plant trees or sow seeds.


When it is time to prune over-ruly trees and shrubs, it is quite easy to get carried away with the pruning shears and secateurs. In fact, be careful – or you might need to consider wood chipper hire, if you get too carried away! Secateurs are great for deadheading flowers, trimming plants, and shaping shrubs. They get rid of unwanted twigs and branches. They are a fantastic garden tool.


If you have a large garden or you want to make light work of transporting, soil, manure, and garden debris, you need a trusty wheelbarrow. They are a great piece of equipment to have in any garden and ease the burden if you need to carry heavy items around your plot, vegetable patch, or kitchen garden.


A hoe is another great tool that every gardener should have at their disposal. In fact, when you first get your hands on one, you will wonder how you ever managed without one. If you have an allotment, they are an essential piece of equipment and are a definite garden tool hire item. You will need a hoe with a good reach and a sturdy handle. Hoes are perfect for weeding and flat hoes are perfect for use in veggie beds.


Looking for garden tool hire? Don’t know which tools you need for your next garden project? You will never fail with a trowel. They are handy to have and handy to use. They feature a short handle and enable you to dig small holes and plant bulbs, for example.

Watering can

It was hard to choose which was best – a watering can or a watering hose. We love watering cans. They are elegant and nostalgic, and they have two handles, which means they are great for people of all ages to use. Watering cans are made from plastic and metal. Metal watering cans last longer than plastic watering cans, but plastic watering cans are lighter. Plus, watering cans come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are designed to meet every gardeners’ needs.


Yes, we know. A lawnmower is not technically a hand tool, but most gardeners would be lost without a lawnmower. Regularly cutting your lawn will encourage lush, strong, and green growth. You should mow your lawn regularly with a quality lawn mower, water your lawn often, weed your lawn, and relieve compacted grass through scarification and aeration.

We hope you have found this blog on the best and most common gardening hand tools useful. If you require garden tool hire advice – for example, you need wood chipper hire but don’t know what questions to ask – talk to your friendly tool hire company. They have knowledgeable members of staff who can answer your garden tool hire questions. They also understand how important gardens are to people and why people get so much enjoyment from their outdoor spaces. And, if you need to hire garden tools, you will often find the best garden tool hire rates online.