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Trending French Manicure Ideas

French manicure idea…

By Fathur , in Uncategorized , at 2022-11-06

French manicure ideas are timeless, as they only change with a twist of fun and creativity. The French nails give off some sophisticated vibes, one of the reasons why they are very popular, especially for office ladies. French nail ideas are versatile, giving you a variety of options to choose from.

There is a variety of options for the modern version of the French manicure. The ideas lie between different nail lengths, shapes, and colors of polishes. Here are some of the trending French manicure ideas to try out for your next manicure.

  • Rainbow French Tips

Rainbows as bright colors, which makes this idea perfect for the summer. The idea is created by using a makeup sponge to get the faded effect. It is advisable to hold the makeup sponge using tweezers to avoid messing up the design using your fingers.

The base coat should be of a light polish color with the rainbow colors of choice starting somewhere from the middle of the nail.

You can choose to alternate the different rainbow colors on different nails or creatively use them on every nail to create a gradient.

The types of French manicure ideas featuring more than one color, like in this case, are suitable for people who have difficulty choosing the color they want for their manicures.

  • Polka Dot French Tip

This idea features a French tip but with a little twist. The twist, in this case, is that rather than using the usual straight line used for French tips, it features a collection of dots in a straight line following the nail tip.

Well-done dots on the tip of the nails is a unique design to rock in. the art is very simple and effortless to come with as it only involves adding dots on the tips.

You can come up with this design in the comfort of your home, but you should remember to use a different color for the base coat and the dots to create a distinction.

You can spice up the results of this design by using different polish colors to add the dots on the tips.

  • French Tips With Silver Glitter

The addition of glitters to French manicure ideas gives a twist to the traditional way of doing French nails using a line on the tips.

This is the perfect idea for a French manicure to wear to your wedding or other exciting celebrations. There are different shades of glitters that you can choose from or even use all of them alternatively on different nails.

  • Gold Tips

This idea is the classic twist of the French tip nails. Rather than drawing a line on the tips, you only add golden clear nail polish. The base coat should be of light color to ensure the gold tips get the maximum attention.

This design is very classy and can be worn with any outfit from your wardrobe and to any occasion, either casual or official.

  • Messy Glitter Tips

It is a very effortless French manicure idea to come up with as it only involves adding glitters on the tip of the nails with no specific order. You can make the glitter layer as thick as you want, to be provided you do not end up covering the entire nail.

  • Double-Layer Rainbow Tips

This idea is created by using two lines of rainbow colors on the tips rather than the usual single line. Using two different colors on the tips works perfectly to elevate the look of your French nails.

This idea is perfect if you like bright colors, but do not want them covering your entire nail. For perfect results, you should start from the thumb and follow the order of the rainbow colors gradually throughout the rest of the fingernails.

  • Pink Marble Tips

This is for lovers of the pink color. The marble featured on the tips is a cool artwork that requires the skills of experienced personnel. The marble effect is created using different shades of pink which brings a very cool result.

To come up with any kind of marble tips French manicure ideas, you need to be patient enough because the artwork is demanding and takes time.