Choosing the right gutters for your home can add value and curb appeal to your property. When you’re choosing a gutter system consider the impact that material choice will have on your house’s value, appearance, and maintenance requirements.

The type of gutters you choose for your home plays a large role in how much they will increase or decrease in value and how long they last.

Planning To Install Copper Gutters?

Many homeowners have discovered that copper gutters can offer many advantages over aluminum. Copper is a popular option because it is sturdy and extremely long-lasting, but it also comes with a variety of special benefits that make it a smart choice for many people.


Copper gutters are not the first choice of most homeowners – but they should be. It has the ability to add value to your home while increasing its curb appeal by giving it a sophisticated and elegant look.

There are two stylistic choices available for homeowners looking to add copper to their homes. The first choice is to let the copper oxidize and form a patina over time, turning dark gray before eventually developing a lovely green hue (the process takes six years or more). This is the look favored by most homeowners, who find it stately and attractive. But if you’d like to preserve the natural state of copper, though, you’ll need to apply a sealant to prevent oxidation.


Gutters made from copper can last a lifetime and will never need replacement. Other gutters rust away in just a few years, and the rainwater they carry can damage the foundation of your home. Copper is a highly reactive metal that does not rust, even in extreme temperatures, so it will always be strong and durable.

Low Maintenance

Copper is a great material for gutters because it resists corrosion, prevents moss buildup, and helps prevent the formation of blockages in the system. It’s also very attractive, with a patina coating that acts as a protectant. Unlike other common gutter materials, copper isn’t susceptible to underside corrosion. Because it’s sturdy and resistant to everyday wear and tear, it’s also easy to maintain.


When you own a home, you are often faced with decisions about how you will personalize the property. Installing new gutters is not only beneficial for aesthetic reasons – copper gutters Chicago will increase your property value and save you money in the long run.