A bedroom is a place of retreat, a place to hide from the whole world to rediscover the strength for every new working day. While designing its ambiance, its crucial to give attention to details that will create a proper atmosphere of lightness and complete relaxation.

What are the main things to consider when designing or redesigning the bedroom?

1.   Say “NO” to clutter

Cluttered space is always bad, and has no excuses for its existence in any place at home, however, the bedroom suffers the most. With all the excessive things like pieces of old furniture, all-over-the-room clothes, knick-knacks, artworks, etc, there is no chance to get relaxed from all the daily routine. When you enter this space, you should feel lightness and relief after a long day. The way you move around should be easy and uninterrupted by something.

If all the stuff lying around is useful, it may be a good idea to rearrange everything in the chest of drawers or nightstand, so that every item had a proper placement. However, it’s worth reviewing every item from the perspective of its functionality. If it just ‘exists’ in your living area, you’d better just get rid of it.

A perfect atmosphere for a bedroom is spacious and airy, letting the flow of the movement in.

2.   Good bed

A good bed is a keystone for sound and healthy sleep and is a fundamental part of a bedroom interior. It sets the overall tone of the room, defining the colors of the walls and accessories. When choosing the bed, make sure it has spinal support, decent mattress depth, several comfort layers, washable and changeable covers, and is made of natural material. Besides, if you are a lucky owner of the cat(s), you need to order the scratch-resistant covers, as after a month or two the beauty?? Will turn into a miserable view.

3.   Quality bedding

A good bed and mattress make the basic structure, however, that’s the bedding, that sets the proper mood and comfort. Depending on the material you choose, you will have different sensations:

  • silk is very soft and smooth, it drapes well, and adds the touches of luxury to the bedroom;
  • cotton is soft and pleasant to the touch. It helps to regulate the body temperature, benefiting overall sleep;
  • satin is smooth and silky, setting the mood for elegance, etc.

Whatever material you choose, make sure you go for luxury bedding, because it’s always a sign of high quality, which is the main provider of the best sleeping experience. And never go cheap on bedding, your health, and overall well-being deserve the top items.

4.   Lighting

Bedrooms, as well as other types of rooms, require three main sources of light:

  • ambient – the main source of light, which can be achieved by fixtures – pendants, chandeliers, ceiling light, etc.;
  • task – the light that is directed toward specific areas. In terms of a bedroom, it can be a reading spot or just a bedside table;
  • Decorative – as it is clear from the name, it is used for decoration. However, it’s important not to overload the room with lamps, so swagging and pinning lights will do just fine. Besides, when all the other light is off, they will create a romantic and intimate atmosphere.

As for the type of light, it is recommended to choose warm over cold because it is less harsh and stimulates better sleep.

5.   Consider the colors

When planning the colors of the bedroom, make sure everything and every detail match each other and there is no place for ‘aliens’, otherwise, the natural flow of things and colors will get disrupted. Besides, it’s important to remember the psychology of colors, as they influence differently on different characters, ages, and overall atmosphere.

A bedroom is a place of rest, so make sure you side with calm shades, as otherwise, you will always be restless.

6.   Symmetry

Bedrooms need symmetry, as it brings in a sense of balance and order, which we all require after a long working day. Such stability creates a calming effect and helps to relax. Besides, when seeing the balance around, you will easier organize and structure thoughts in your head.

7.   Create a nook

If there is enough space, you can create a tiny island of comfort, close to the window, placing a chair with a soft and fluffy blanket. It will be your zone of conform, a tiny one, but very helpful and relaxing. Provided that you want one, you will need to equip this place with task lighting for nighttime or if it’s not close to the window.

A bedroom is our realm of peace and quiet, a place to relax and forget about all the things that can bother us. Properly designed details will create a positive and relaxing atmosphere benefiting greatly your physical and mental health.