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Top Cloud Storage Platforms for a Business

Gone are the days wh…

By Fathur , in Uncategorized , at 2022-12-09

Gone are the days when you had to physically store the data, no matter how big, on USBs, portable hard disks, and computers. Also, you needed to have the data drive to access it or share it with anyone.

Now, it is simpler and more efficient than ever, all because of Cloud Storage Platforms. These platforms give you storage space in cloud networks where you can store files and data and share them with anyone you want without going anywhere. The networks are controlled by cloud computing service providers, which take care of their security, space, and organization.

However, for that, you need to have reliable and high-speed internet to easily download, upload, and share. So, the only problem that remains is choosing the right Cloud Storage platform for your business. Still, rest assured; here is our brief guide to walk you through some top cloud storage providers. These will help you carefully organize your data and efficiently manage it whenever and wherever. So, tighten your seat belts as we are about to go for the best cloud network out there.

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Microsoft OneDrive

Securing the spot for the most versatile cloud storage platform – OneDrive is the Microsoft-centric essential. It supports over 320 file types and has several integrations for better accessibility. Moreover, OneDrive has several features, easy to use, and is highly scalable. All these make it a perfect business companion.

All in all, OneDrive is easy-to-use and has some amazing features. The basic package of OneDrive is free and gives 5GB of free storage.

Google Drive

Next up on our list is the easiest and most friendly cloud storage option of them all – Google Drive. It holds a range of useful features that offer great help in work and communication. Moreover, its collaborative and productivity tools make it a perfect choice for any size of business. Other than that, it also has top-notch integrations, the most notable one being Google Docs.

Google Drive has a free plan but only for personal use, while the basic business standard comes at $12 per user per month. You can contact their support team for more packages and pricing.


The one for all solution for most businesses and enterprises – IDrive is the one to choose. It has top-notch security parameters with affordable pricing that also makes it friendly for small businesses. Moreover, it allows unlimited backup devices and multiple file types for easy, fast, and secure access.

IDrive doesn’t have a free plan, but it is more affordable than most and offers great collaborative features at that price range.

Box for Business

A complete cloud storage platform for all types of business – Box is the real business solution. It has tons of great features, comprehensive integrations, and affordable pricing plans. Moreover, the best part is that it has unlimited users support with unlimited devices. On top of that, its sleek user interface makes it easier to use and maintain.

Box for business offers a 14-day trial option so you can learn your way around the platform. After that, it offers multiple packages for you to choose from.

Dropbox for Business

The last entry in our list is Dropbox, for its well-maintained structure and feature-rich design. It is great for small to medium-sized businesses and gives a lot of handy tools for accessibility. Moreover, file-sharing is easy, and integrations and tools make it that much better to use. So, if you are starting up your business, then Dropbox will serve you well.

Dropbox offers a 30-day free trial, after which you can choose from their multiple packages. These include solo users, households, professional workers, standard teams, complex teams, and large organizations.

How Cloud Storage Platforms Help a Business Grow?

Data Safety

Data, files, and information safety are the most essential things for a business of any size. In physical storage, no one can really assure safety and privacy because of increased cybercrimes. With Cloud Storage, you get multiple layers of security which makes it hard to breach data. And even if one system does fall victim to hacks, you can remote wipe your whole storage and easily restore from a backup.


Cloud storage is easily and efficiently accessible for everyone you give access to. Moreover, you can share as much information with your team as they need to do their work. Also, you can bring in more people with limited access to review, presentation, or work. Of course, for that, you would require a reliable and stable internet connection.


Cloud storage is meant to make work easier and faster. By adding different collaboration and productivity tools, you can further increase workflow management. The best platform is that which allows easy file sharing and storage at affordable pricing.


Cloud Storage platforms are a must-have thing for businesses and even individuals. Using them, you can easily store, share, transfer, and edit files. Moreover, several platforms also have mobile apps for quick access to essential tools and editing, so work never stops. No matter which type of business you operate, a typical coffee shop, or a multinational organization, cloud storage has several advantages. However, you will need a high-speed connection so that you don’t get stuck before deadlines. For that, you can click here to get customer support from a reliable internet provider, Optimum internet. The provider offers decent plans for every size of business and speedy connections for every size of work.

So, forget the old ways and get started with cloud storage. It is accessible for everyone to get easy and fast solutions for files and data storage and sharing.