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Top Car Accessories That Will Be Useful When Traveling With A Puppy

The very first trips…

By Fathur , in Uncategorized , at 2022-12-02

The very first trips with your puppy might be a real challenge as you need to be on guard all the time. A weekend out of town, a trip to a nearby park, a visit to the vet or an out of town ride – there are many occasions when you need to transport your dog in the car. The most essential thing here is for your pet to feel safe and comfortable during the trip. Every year new accessories are being launched which make both the dog’s and the owner’s life much easier and convenient. For this reason we’ve compiled a list of useful five accessories that will help you to keep your puppy safe and happy.

  • Crate, cage

The first one in our list is a crate container, which is a special kind of box cage made of plastic or fabric for a pet. It is best suited for small pups, as it is highly protective. In order to give you advice beforehand, choose a container with fabric padding on the inside, so that your pet will be protected from bumps and shocks while driving.

  • Basket

One of the best options for transporting little puppies is a padded basket with a rigid frame and straps that are attached to the headrest. These usually come in small sizes, so they can be used not only for traveling, but also at home. Speaking of traveling with a dog, particularly with a puppy, the best transport choice is certainly a vehicle. Not always it is possible to travel with your own automobile, in this case, you can use a rental service instead. Recently, hire services have gained wide popularity due to their great variety and affordability. Therefore, while having a vacation, let’s say in the Emirates, you can even rent a Rolls Royce in Dubai and enjoy a comfortable ride to the fullest. Moreover, specialists of the automobile service are always on hand to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. 

  • Hammock

The car hammock keeps your dog safe while on the move and is suitable for larger and mature puppies from around three-four months old. This accessory also protects the interior of the car from dirt and pet hair as well as ensuring that your dog can’t tear the interior upholstery with his claws. 

  • Seat belt and harnesses 

These accessories were launched not so long ago but have already become a favorite of many drivers with pets. Their main difference from carriers and crates is that they actually have a safety belt that keeps the dog from moving all over the car. However, be aware that these accessories are more practical for puppies of larger breeds.

  • Water bottle

In order not to carry a pet bowl with you, get a travel water drinker instead. This is a sealed bottle, complete with a container for your pet to drink from. An easier option is to purchase a multipurpose nozzle bowl, which can be placed on any plastic bottle. It takes up little space, so it can fit in any small handbag. This accessory will last you for years and save your pet from thirst wherever you go.

Before buying a carrier or crate for your puppy please make sure to ask your vet for advice on the right size for it. For the first few months you’ll need a smaller carrier or crate and within some time, as a rool, you buy a larger crate or hammack. Remember that you have to be extra careful and patient with puppies as they can be very naughty and disobedient just like small children are.