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Tips on Cooking With a BBQ Smoker

The mere mention of …

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The mere mention of Southern Comfort, Texas Style, Chili Adobo, Memphis Style and Pacific Rim are enough to make anyone crave for real Southern BBQ flavor, just some of the reasons, there is a high demand for cooking BBQ Smoker. The offset barrel smoker, upright drum smoker (UDS), vertical water smoker, smoke box and other designs of residential and commercial grade barbeque smokers yield various resulting tastes, as does the use of electric, gas, coal or good old fire wood.

Smoking means slow-cooking meat with indirect heat. Burning wood or coal in an oxygen-short closed box generates smoke rather than fire. It is exhausted to a bigger closed box containing meat, where it forms into a smoke cloud and then quickly vents to the outside. The outcome is tender, juicy BBQ Smoker with a rich smokey flavor.

Some barbeque enthusiasts opine that electric, gas and coal smokers provide heat but not the flavor that only comes from wood. Smoke from hardwood like the oak, alder, mesquite, maple, pecan, black walnut, hickory and fruit tree woods like apple, plum, cherry seeps into meat and gives it a woodsy smoked quality. People are known to build a traditional fire pits themselves to give meet this authentic barbecue taste.

Coal is an inexpensive option to Charbroil meat while only electric and gas power offers a consistent temperature. Brands from Big Green Egg to Camp Chef, Lang, Masterbuilt, Traeger Pellet and Char-Grill features pro digital controls, heat-proof stainless steel bases and covers, a variety of accessories to ease and improve the process of cooking with BBQ smoker.



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