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The Ultimate Buying Guide for Foldable Electric Scooters

A foldable electric …

By Fathur , in Uncategorized , at 2023-02-01

A foldable electric scooter is the best option for adults with mobility issues. They are inexpensive, easy to transport, and have advanced features that offer a smooth and comfortable ride. However, before you invest in an electric scooter for mobility, we recommend researching and analyzing the different features you want and then making a decision.

Luckily for you, we have created the ultimate foldable electric scooter buying guide to help simplify your shopping experience and lead an active lifestyle. Let’s get started!

Weight and Size

If you like to travel frequently, you need a lightweight foldable electric scooter that can be easily stored or carried around. People first consider the weight of the electric scooter, especially if they live in a flat or apartment complex and have to move up and down to commute.

Electric scooters weigh about 15kg but have limited features and capacities. If you want maximum speed and range, you have to widen the weight pool and go for heavier options. But if you don’t have a caregiver available at all times, a lightweight foldable electric scooter is your best option.

Next is the size. This depends on where you will store your scooter, how much space you have, and the usage. Many electric scooters, such as the Ezfold Super Lightweight, TGA Mobility Minimo Plus, etc., can be folded into a compact size and stored in a cupboard or under a desk.


The next thing you need to consider when buying a foldable electric scooter for adults is the range. This factor depends on many other features, such as the maximum speed, the weight capacity, the user, the motor, etc. For instance, every battery diminishes after a period between 300 to 500 cycles and, thus, needs to be replaced.

Think about your commute, your travel frequency, and whether the replaceable battery cost is within your budget. Moreover, the range listed by the manufacturer is mostly inaccurate; thus, it’s best to divide the given value by 2 and measure accordingly.

Speed and Power

While top speed might not be on your list of deciding factors for a foldable electric scooter, it is important to discuss. For some adults, a top speed of 15 to 18 mph is considered fast enough, and luckily, many standard power scooters in the price range of $200-$400 have this top speed limit. But before choosing a higher-speed electric scooter, check out your state speed limits, as some municipalities have laws against going over 15 mph and driving on the sidewalk.


Last but not least, the brakes. When buying a foldable electric scooter, you need to ensure it has maximum security and safety features, especially if you commute daily in high-traffic areas. An electric scooter has two brake systems; mechanical and electronic.

Mechanical brakes rely on a physical mechanism and have a stopping distance of under 10-20 feet for a scooter at 15 mph. In contrast, electronic braking systems include regenerative braking systems. They are weaker than mechanical brakes and have a stopping distance of 30 to 40 feet at 15 mph.


Foldable electric scooters for mobility issues are available in multiple price ranges and brands. Thus, always consider the user’s weight and height, the suspension system, the tires, and the ride quality of the foldable electric scooter you like before making your purchase. We hope our foldable electric scooter buying guide helped you make an informed decision.