Nathan Furniture is a brilliant choice when it comes to creating exceptionally furnished spaces for your home. They provide a comprehensive range of furniture options for furnishing various home spaces, with both contemporary and traditional furniture styles available.

If you are looking for high-quality furniture crafted from premium-grade materials, then Nathan Furniture has you covered.

Today’s article explains the top five Nathan Furniture pieces you should consider for your home in 2022.

Nathan Shades Oak Shaped TV Unit

This sleek TV unit is a fantastic choice for modern homes that want a neutral, modern addition to their main living room, study, or office. The unit is constructed from high-grade oak, meaning it will have a robust build quality and a stylish wooden look that’s hard to pass up on.

This shaped piece of furniture is designed to be used as a corner TV unit, which is great for filling abnormally shaped living room spaces. However, it also acts as a great piece for just about any space due to its mellow aesthetic.

The TV unit comes with two cupboards on both flanks and three central glass shelves that are adjustable – giving you plenty of options for display storage or the storage of devices such as games consoles or sound systems. Each of the cupboards also comes with one adjustable wooden shelf.

Nathan Shades Oak Glass Top Coffee Table

What home would be complete without a coffee table? They can act as a centrepiece to any room with the space but also act to compliment more unorthodox room layouts.

Nathan Furniture delivers a beautiful design of a coffee table from their Shades collection. Much like the Shades collection, the coffee table is crafted with care from quality Oak to give it a long lifespan and a gorgeous look.

The glass-top coffee table is rounded to suit the more modern trend of curved edges and smooth, spherical furniture designs – making it an ideal option to replace your old coffee table for 2022 and beyond.

This coffee table comes with a veneered shelf for storage space and a bevelled glass top for additional stylistic appeal.

Nathan Teak Medium Bookcase 

For those who love to get lost in some good reading material, a bookshelf is a must-have for the home. Thankfully, Nathan has a spectacular bookshelf as part of their Teak collection, and it features plenty of space for all your books and more.

The bookshelf comes with two shelves on its upper half, one fully adjustable so it can be tailored to the height of your books. The mid-section of the shelf features two pull-out shelves for storing anything from writing stationery to magazines.

The lower section features another shelf and two cupboard compartments – all ideal for additional book storage.

Even if you aren’t a bookworm, this bookshelf can be used as a part display case and storage space for any room you buy it for. A great choice for any homeowner looking to tailor a more traditional feel for their home’s living space.

Nathan Teak Corner Storage Unit

Why stop with a bookshelf? The Nathan Teak corner storage unit, is another exceptional piece of furniture that can inject some traditional grandeur into any home.

This compact but useful storage unit has a top surface ideal for a small lamp, clock, or display purposes. Aside from its top surface, it features an open shelf for its upper section, again useful for both display and storage purposes.

The lower section of the unit features one cupboard with two access doors, making it perfect for storing anything from your spare china to alcohol, books, magazines, and anything you’d expect to find in a living or dining room.

It is designed to blend well with the Buffet or Sideboard unit of the same collection.

Nathan Palma Console Table

For those wanting a more modern feel for their home, the Nathan Palma collection is ideal for your needs. The Nathan Furniture Palma console table is great for a minimalistic approach that blends well with various modern interior designs.

Constructed from high-grade Teak, this console table will provide a reliable and long-lasting table that is ideal for its practicality and functionality. 

If you are looking for a modern-industrial look, this is the perfect console table for your home’s aesthetic vision.

In Summary

It is always challenging to replace your old furniture with new models. With so many choices and interior design changing year after year, you’ll want to select a piece that will stand the test of time and give you great value for your money.

We hope our rundown of Nathan Furniture and some of their best pieces has helped you on your interior furnishing journey!