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The supportive Jason Gillespie

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When a player is selected as a nightwatchman in cricket, this usually means that he is not expected to do a really good job when batting. It is always possible to wager on the best batters in the sport by going to the online bookmaker.

However, some nightwatchmen have done a surprisingly great job, by performing better than other players that in theory were more capable. This is exactly what can be said about Jason Gillespie. He was quite a capable right-handed batsman. However, he also performed quite well when playing as a bowler. When doing that, he normally did fast deliveries with his right arm. The 1xBet website can also be used to wager on the things that the best bowlers in the sport are likely to do.

Bowling and batting

Jason Gillespie did some quite interesting things while performing both as a bowler and as a batter. For example, taking into account that he played 71 Test matches across his career, he took 259 wickets. Fans of the sport can always try online betting IPL site 1xBet and use it to wager on the most capable fowlers in the sport.

This is a surprisingly good number. In fact, thanks to this statistic, Gillespie ranks among the top 15 wicket takers in the history of the Australian national team. He bowled quite well in all the teams where he played, which were:

  • South Australia;
  • Yorkshire;
  • and Glamorgan

The IPL online betting site 1xBet can be tried in order to wager on the squads from that competition and also on the aforementioned teams. Gillespie might not have had impressive numbers in an individual match. However, his global numbers are quite good. He was also quite a supportive player for some of his teammates, including Glenn McGrath and the late Shane Warne.

A great nightwatchman

Gillespie was certainly not the most capable batter out there. When the best players of this role are in the field, don’t forget to go to www.1xbet.in/mobile and wager on them from your mobile phone or tablet. For this reason, on many occasions he was selected as a nightwatchman. This means that he was a late-order batsman that on some occasions was promoted to bat sooner than normally expected.

Yet, almost unexpectedly, he did much better than expected in that role. Whenever a nightwatchman is going to bat, you can wager on him by going to the 1xBet online bookmaker and see how he performs.

For example, in 2006, Australia played a Test match against Bangalore. Jason Gillespie was selected to perform exactly as described. However, he delivered a wonderful performance by scoring 201 runs. In fact, he is the only nightwatchman who managed to score a double century in the history of the sport.

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