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The future of e-commerce

Everyone knows that …

By Fathur , in Uncategorized , at 2022-10-24

Everyone knows that the pandemic caused a serious global crisis. And gradually the world is recovering from this difficult period. Every day the economic recovery is gaining momentum. In particular, some industries survived the most difficult period and now offer to act as the driving force of the economic system.

Today, e-commerce is undoubtedly one of the most sustainable sectors, including in the future. A recent study from verified sources showed how the “core” e-commerce and digital retail network activity (which accounts for about 69% of total turnover) activates a significant share of support services.

Due to this rise in the popularity of e-commerce, a large number of stores have begun to move to online platforms. Today, there are a huge number of different special resources that help you create and open a store from scratch. One of the most popular platforms is Shopify. During the pandemic, a lot of entrepreneurs have opened their stores there. Because of this, the shopify plus development company is more relevant than ever.

Also, during the pandemic, it cannot be denied that e-commerce has played a key role during the health emergency, providing support and solutions to both businesses and citizens, and driving profound change that is hard to think of going back to right now. Rather, the future will move more and more in the direction traced in recent months.

Thus, in the unexpected evolution of consumption patterns that have occurred as a result of quarantine, we have witnessed the emergence of trends such as the growth of online purchases of goods and the increased use of contactless methods of receiving and paying. Changing shopping and payment habits have greatly impacted both online and physical channels. A large number of consumers want traditional stores to seize this moment to change forever, adopting new forms of sales and dialogue, by integrating digital and physical channels and offerings.

The ongoing revolution, which has affected both small convenience stores and large retail chains, has led to an increase in digital investment in retail, which has grown from 1.5% of turnover in 2019 to 2% around 2020-2022 as a cumulative effect of two opposing factors.

future of e-commerce

If you’re thinking about starting an eCommerce business or want to try and improve your online sales strategy, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on 5 trends that are emerging in the field:

  1. VIRTUAL MARKETS: The evolution of e-commerce is increasingly moving towards marketplaces alongside traditionally understood e-commerce. The positioning also on market platforms related to the sector to which it belongs is a useful step.
  2. CONTENT: E-commerce is now a recognized opportunity for storytelling, allowing brands to tell their story and add value through the sales experience. These are no longer just online directories, but real places that can broadcast corporate values.
  3. SOCIAL COMMERCE: Not only powerful marketing channels but also social networks are interesting touchpoints for online sales today.
  4. AI AND DATA ANALYSIS: Offer customization, combined with the analysis of a large amount of monitoring data, allows you to anticipate trends and purposefully target your sales strategy.
  5. RETARGETING: Following the exchange path, which is no longer linear today, allows the brand to capture the needs of users and understand where to interact with them, and then lead them to purchase.

Therefore, it is safe to say that e-commerce will actively develop in the future. If you haven’t created your store yet, it’s time to fix it. Just choose a proven site and start creating.