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The Ecoteck Pellet Stoves Brand and Pellet Stove Inserts

Hundreds of thousand…

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Hundreds of thousands of consumers today in the US are now choosing pellet stove inserts to heat their homes. The insert sits flush within the fire place like a standard wood stove, however these inserts can run automatically, feeding them selves with fuel on demand to maintain and regulate temperature. A full hopper on one of the inserts will keep the heater going for at least 24 hours, even on full heat settings. With a log insert, you would be constantly loading the fire with logs every hour or so. The pellet stove inserts will also require much less maintenance than a traditional wood log unit. Reduced ash and higher combustion efficiencies mean less work for you.

Ecoteck pellet stoves are now quite popular in Europe for their clean designs and compact sized heaters. However, the Ecoteck range does struggle to deal with different ash percentages of certain fuels. The important thing to remember is consumers are choosing pellets to lower their heating bills, therefore they are interested in units which can run the cheapest pellet fuels to keep their annual heating bills to a minimum. The other core reason consumers look to pellets is that they are a green way to heat your home. In the UK, the government is going to introduce the biomass heat incentive scheme, this will mean that consumers will get paid to used biomass energy such as pellets. In the US, the government provides tax credits to help pay for the installation of pellet heaters. The incentives are there to make the change.



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