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Stampede Premium Offers an Ideal Alternative for Feed During Hay Shortages

Hay continues to be …

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Hay continues to be in short supply as more farmers are replacing hay fields with cotton, peanuts, soybeans, corn or other vegetables and taking advantage of prices that have risen in recent years as a result of worldwide production problems. In addition, weather conditions have limited the number of hay cuttings during the season in drought areas while rain has destroyed or limited production in other regions. During times like these, processed forage and pellets offer an ideal alternative to hay, providing a better value that is reliable in quality AND availability.

Because you love your horses and want to give them the best in forage and bedding, Stampede Premium now offers a full line of equine products. Stampede Premium processed forages and bedding includes a comprehensive selection of specially formulated products to provide maximum nutrition and comfort for your horses.

Stampede Premium processed forages and pellets are consistently consistent. They offer guaranteed ingredient analysis and give you confidence that your animals receive excellent nutrition with quality feed every day. Also, Stampede processed forage products are easy to digest and produce less waste.

Stampede Premium’s Cubes in the Pro-Pak offer 25 percent more product for your money than the leading competition.

Stampede Premium feed selections include:

• Alfalfa Cubes, Timothy Alfalfa Cubes, Alfalfa Mini Cubes and Orchard Alfalfa Mini Cubes – the ultimate hay cubes. They are peak harvested and naturally sun-cured to provide maximum palatability in all seasons. Plus they’re easy to store.

• Alfalfa Pellets and Timothy Grass Pellets – an ideal alternative to hay during times when availability is scarce. Pellets are also a great option for caregivers seeking the convenience of a processed forage in a smaller form. Keep in mind, Stampede’s pellet products are also suitable for other small farm animals.

In addition to the Stampede line of feeds, Stampede offers a full line of bedding products. Stampede bedding is made from eco-friendly 100 percent kiln-dried pine shavings in a variety of forms:

• EZ Clean – Double screened for consistent size and quality for reducing dust and making stall cleaning easier.

• Kurlz – Medium-size shavings and flakes enhance stall presentation while providing maximum comfort for your horses and minimizing stall cleaning.

• Blend – Small and medium flakes combined with sawdust for increased absorption. It is one of our most practical and effective bedding products.

• Pinewood Pellets – A unique alternative to traditional shavings products. Pellets offer a dryer, longer-lasting bedding option that have become increasingly popular for a variety of bedding uses and can also be used as a natural fuel for grills and smokers.

The Stampede line has grown into a nationally respected brand offering animal owners unmatched consistency and quality at great prices, especially during seasons and times of scarcity when other products aren’t readily available.

Talk to your favorite equine-supply dealer to learn more about the Stampede Premium product line, or visit for more information.



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