Whether you’re looking to renovate your home for resale or simply spruce up your existing living space to add extra style and comfort, there are a variety of ways to improve your property and incorporate your own design ideas into the mix. While full home renovation (including structural works) may be too costly or disruptive, there are some small, cost-effective changes you can make in your property that will have an immediate impact without breaking the bank:

Exterior renovation – While even the most simple renovations can significantly increase property value, there are few renovation jobs more simple than sprucing up your front door and driveway. Completing a little exterior renovation work on the main entrance of your home (such as repainting the door, replacing the knocker or beautifying your front garden) can go a long way in attracting potential buyers – after all, first impressions do count!

Install a fireplace – When it comes to interior renovations, installing eye-catching and timeless features is a great way to boost value and add a sense of style to your home. Fireplaces are particularly popular amongst home renovators, with energy-efficient, low-emission plug-in fireplaces available for those eco-friendly homeowners. Installing a fireplace can make your home feel more cosy and welcoming, especially in the winter months.

Install vertical radiators – If you’re looking to switch up the fixtures in your home and go with something a little more stylish, consider incorporating vertical radiators into your home design plan. As well as being more attractive than traditional, clunky home radiators, vertical heating units are also space-efficient and well suited to smaller properties.

Replace worktops – If your budget allows, consider renovating or replacing the worktops in your kitchen. While this may not be the cheapest renovation idea on our list, it’s certainly one of the most effective – replacing tired old counters can instantly transform your kitchen for the better, one of the main selling points of your home. On-trend worktop materials include ceramic, granite, wood, marble, glass and stone – which of these you choose will depend entirely on your desired design and colour scheme.

Upgrade the splashback – If you want to renovate your kitchen splashback without tearing it out and starting from scratch, there are some simple ways to transform the area; incorporating a mirror or glass into the design will give a modern look and create the illusion of extra space, whereas wood will make the splashback appear warmer and more rustic and homely. 

Use statement colours in your most used rooms – Ensure that you incorporate the statement colours of your design scheme into the main rooms of the home using paint, furniture and tiling – try to accentuate any colour schemes using houseplants and flowers, which can also aid relaxation and happiness in the home.