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Review of the Tacfit Commando System – After Trying It for 3 Months

The Tacfit Commando …

By Fathur , in Uncategorized , at 2022-04-30

The Tacfit Commando system is an exercise system that has been gaining popularity in the web lately. There are many exercise systems such as P90x, Abjam and Insanity. Many of these programs have infomercials. Their infomercials run on a daily basis. Some of these infomercials have been around for several years. One recent exercise system that I have tried is the Tacfit Commando system. After purchasing and practicing the system for over 3 months, here is my review about the exercise system based on actual experience.

The Tacfit Commando system trainer is Scott Sonnon. He is rather straight forward but very knowledgeable about tactical fitness. Tactical fitness is more than just looking strong and healthy. It is more than functional fitness. It is about actually being strong and healthy. The system is divided into various stages and missions. The first stage is Recruit Mission 1. Then, it is followed by Grunt and then Commando. Then, it is on to Recruit Mission 2. Each stage is 28 days long.

The system itself is very flexible. It is not time-intensive like many exercise systems. It can also be done in conjunction with other exercise programs. My strength, flexibility, mobility of my joints, neurological fitness (learning new skill sets), balance, portability (no machines needed), and body recovery has been significantly improved. I am more tactically fit and physically fit doing the Tacfit Commando system. Here are some key benefits in detail:

* My strength has improved significantly performing innovative bodyweight exercises. It is a progressive program that builds on simple movements to compound movements to complex movements. For example, the lunge to the lunge twist to the leap lunge, etc.

* The program also focuses on flexibility and mobility of the joints. Many of the shoulder and elbow movements releases tension and strain on those joints. Not many programs discusses and practices joint care.

* My balance has improved dramatically. Mid-foot balance is essential for leg strength and overall fitness.

* Neurological fitness is addressed in this program. In addition to training your muscles, you are training your nervous system which is key to weight loss and fitness (as you will learn).

* You will get a great intense workout one day that is followed by a systematic recovery period. You are not training with high-intensity about only twice a week (which is more than enough if you include moderate intensity, low intensity, and no intensity days).

* I am at the best shape of my life. This program is for all ages and all fitness levels since you will be progressively learning new movements and skills.

The only drawback would be the actual videos. Initially, it was a bit confusing to pick out the correct video for the correct program. You can actually download the videos to your PC or iPhone.

The Tacfit Commando system makes you look strong and also be strong. That is what physical fitness is about.

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