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Quick Guide To Choosing eCommerce Shipping Box

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Packaging is a crucial factor in any business. An eCommerce shipping box protects the items inside. Most of the time, it paves the way for branding. However, there are times when it’s the reason for losing profit. That’s why choosing the most appropriate packaging materials for your products is essential. 

Different Options for Shipping Box

Your top priority when shipping your customer’s order is product safety. So you should determine the best eCommerce shipping box that will fit it. Here are the various packaging types you can choose from. 

Mailing Envelopes

Mailers are excellent for flat, light, and sturdy items. It comes in different styles and sizes. That’s why it is ideal for a wide range of items. For example, it can fit apparel, books, CDs, jewelry, and other small items. In addition, you can pack pricey items in a mailer. These are smart device cases, art supplies, accessories, and screen protectors. If the products do not need additional padding, mailing envelopes are the best choice. 

As said earlier, mailers come in different forms. These are as follows.

Bags. Often used for clothing products. Examples are t-shirts, hoodies, accessories, and more. It is flexible, light, and inexpensive. It can fit and secure several items, especially when you squeeze excess air out. 

Padded Mailers. It is for smaller products that need an additional protective layer. Examples are mugs, cups, jewelry, and footwear. Often, it has an interior lining of bubble wrap so you can fit small to large items. However, it will cost you more than other types of mailing envelopes. 

Tyvek Envelopes. Advisable for flimsy products that need little protection. Examples are souvenirs, trinkets, office supplies, children’s small toys, and others. The envelope itself is made of high-density polyethylene fibers. That’s why it is difficult to tear apart. 

Cardboard Boxes

With an eCommerce shipping box, you must consider the product size the most. Nevertheless, don’t neglect the value of the goods you will ship. Customers’ first impression of your brand comes from the packaging. So make sure you choose the most appropriate one – not too big nor too small. Also, you have to check the quality of the corrugated box. 

Here are the 3 basic types of corrugated shipping boxes. 

Single Wall. The most common cardboard box used for online shipments. It is lightweight yet sturdy. Thus, giving your packed goods enough protection during transit. Examples of goods are toys, recreational goods, lifestyle items, decorations, plastic products, and more. 

Double Wall. The best choice if you want extra protection when shipping heavy and bulky items. Examples are fragile items, glassware, ceramics, small to medium electronics, and alcoholic beverages. However, it will cost you more material and shipping fees. 

Triple Wall. The ultimate eCommerce shipping box for expensive and heavy items. It is almost the same as wood crates but easier to handle. For example, it can hold and ship products like kitchen appliances, medical equipment, large glass framed artwork, tabletops, and more. With its durability, it is quite expensive. Nevertheless, it provides the added security you need. 

Branded vs Unbranded/Customization

Branded eCommerce shipping box helps an opportunity to create a good impression. Customers are often excited to receive their packages. If they receive your items in gift-like packaging, buyers will highly recommend your online shop and products to others. However, branded boxes come with several consequences. First, it is way too expensive. Second, the lead time for custom-printed boxes is too long. Third, manufacturers will require you to make a minimum order for custom printing the shipping box. Lastly, you need to craft a unique and eye-catching design. 

Unbranded or customizing your eCommerce shipping box is another great option. It is one way of prioritizing your customer’s unboxing experience. It is better to construct packaging containing your brand logo while securing the products inside. Plus, it helps you save more on packing and shipping materials. Most importantly, you can design and meet the specs of your product needs. 

Whichever shipping box you choose, never forget your primary purpose – reach its destination unscathed. 

How to Fill your eCommerce Shipping Box

On top of the outside appearance and durability of your packaging, you must consider the product protection inside. So add the most suitable infill you need. Listed below are the basic kinds you can use. 

Bubble Wrap

The most common fillers are known to kids and adults. It provides superior cushion for fragile and delicate items like framed art and glassware. In addition, it is lightweight and costs less but is non-recyclable. 


These are air-filled plastic bubbles or air pillows. It is affordable and light but still offers excellent protection. In addition, it keeps a minimum movement of your items while in transit. However, it is not environmentally-friendly. Also, it is pretty challenging to store unless you fill the pillows yourself. 

Kraft Paper

It is the most practical, cheapest, and most versatile infill for any eCommerce shipping box. It is lightweight, so that it won’t add to the package weight. Also, it comes in various thicknesses that can easily fit in your package. The best part of all is it is recyclable. 

Molded Styrofoam

It is common for high-priced electronics and appliances. It provides the best cushion needed while shipping fragile goods. But, unfortunately, it is not safe for the environment. 

Eventhough your eCommerce shipping box is the leading player, you still need complementary for it. Fillers add more than just layers to your packaging. Instead, it can step up your game as your customers open the box. 

Tips for the Best eCommerce Shipping Box

There are unlimited options when shipping your products to your customers. However, you must make it right first to obtain loyal buyers. So take note of these simple tips when you choose your eCommerce packaging box. 

Consider the Product Type

Identify the product you aim to sell. For example, are you selling light or heavy products? Are your goods flat or bulky? Answer these questions. Afterward, you can determine the most suitable type of packaging available. Also, you can pick the ideal size for it. 

Measure All Angles, Weight Included8

Box measurement is vital. It would help if you covered both the outside and inside (length, width, and depth.) You may use a ruler or a tape measure. Your priority is for the product to fit inside the packaging material. Nonetheless, you also have to consider when loading it onto the truck. 

Don’t forget to weigh your product. Invest in a quality shipping scale for accurate weight measurement. Make sure to pick a sturdy packaging material to hold your heavy items. Also, save durable shipping boxes for lighter goods. 

Don’t Forget to Label and Design as Needed

Custom your packaging for brand awareness. Before shipping, paste the customer’s name, delivery address, and contact number. Then, add your company logo and use fun yet applicable fonts, colors, and patterns. It might cost you more, but it is effective strategic marketing. Designing and customizing your packaging tells what kind of seller you are. 

Use a Fulfillment Warehouse

Fulfillment services and warehouses help in completing an order. It automates and handles shipments on your behalf. So you have more time to spend on strategic business planning. However, you must look for trusted and reputable 3PLs like Red Stag Fulfillment. It has negotiated favorable rates to cater to heavy products. Also, it provides cost-effective solutions for your eCommerce shipping box. Plus, it has a creative way of choosing a package designed for your products.

Ship products to your customers with the ideal box size. Take note of these tips are reach your business goal. In addition, you increase your revenue and gain loyal customers if you have the best eCommerce shipping box for your products. 

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