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Proform 750 Treadmill Review – Is the 750 Treadmill Worth the Money?

Is the Proform 750 T…

By Fathur , in Uncategorized , at 2022-04-30

Is the Proform 750 Treadmill a good buy or not? Be careful when looking this up… there are tons of “reviews” online by people who pretend to be unbiased…. but are secretly selling it.

A lot of people get duped thinking they are reading a completely straightforward review–only to later find out the “reviewer” was really nothing more than a commissioned sales-person.

So is this a good buy or not?

The knock on this brand name is that their quality matches their cheap prices. Is the 750 the same? Here are the pros and cons to help you find out.


#1) Price

It sells for just $650… so if nothing else it’s cheap.

#2) Running area

It has an ample belt size-55 by 20-which means it’s plenty large enough to accommodate even the biggest of users.

#3) Power

The Proform 750 Treadmill packs a surprising amount of power for a machine of its’ price. It has 2.25 “continuous horsepower” engine–certainly more than enough to enable running or jogging.

But don’t be fooled-everything isn’t ‘rosy’ with this model.


#1) Warranty

It’s a respectable 12 years for the engine… but only 3 months for parts. This just isn’t going to cut it.

But what do the customers say?

If you scour the internet you will find those who love it and those who hate it. Most of the complaints stem from the lack of durability.

The verdict

This machine is pretty much like every other model by the company. It has decent power and running area and a great price… but questionable reliability. I would recommend the Proform 750 Treadmill as a “starter” model.

Source by Jake Manning



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