The cold and snowy days are on their way. That means everyone should already start with their winter garden preparation. After all, we don’t want the beautiful white cover to ruin our garden next spring, right? 

If this is your first time preparing a garden for winter or if you are still unsure if you are doing everything right, the experts from Professional Gardening Services UK are here to guide you.

By the end of this read, you will see the winter prepping process is easier than it seems. Learn more about it in this article:

How to prepare the garden for winter?

There are several steps you need to take in order to prepare your garden for the winter. If you don’t have the time, remember – you can always take advantage of professional services. 

Remove dead plants

The first step in your winter garden prep is to remove all the dead plants. Especially if you see diseased ones that may damage the soil or infect healthy growth. So, check out carefully all the plants, and remove the dead and sick ones.

Nurture the soil for spring

The second step you need to take for the winter garden preparation is nurturing the soil for spring. This will result in better plant development and a more attractive garden next year, so do not underestimate the task. 

Make a quick soil test to determine its acidity and content. Add compost, organic fertilizers, rock phosphate, and other amendments to the soil, if needed. Once you have done that – some of your work for the spring is already completed early on.

Do a major cleaning

As part of the winter garden preparation, you need to do a major garden cleaning that includes these mini tasks:

  • Remove all rocks, leaves, branches, and other debris in your yard
  • Take care of existing and potential pollutants that could be damaging the soil
  • Deal with the dead plants
  • Clean your mowing gear and landscaping tools
  • Sharpen your gardening tools
  • Store your machinery, tools, and outdoor furniture in a safe, warm place until the next season
  • Dispose of the garden debris rubbish safely

Lay some turf

The best time to lay turf in your garden is in autumn, so you can do it as a part of your winter garden preparation. When it rains and snows, the new grass will establish its roots easier for next year. Once you have prepared the ground, lay some turf, water it, and you are ready.

2 creative garden ideas for winter

We have also prepared 2 creative garden ideas for winter that will definitely boost your Christmas mood and add some seasonal spirit to you, your family, and even your neighbors. 

Plant a Christmas tree in the yard

One amazing idea for your winter garden is to plant a Christmas tree. It will make your outdoor space more beautiful and green during the cold days, and it will definitely boost your Christmas mood.

Add Christmas decorations

Once you have your beautiful Christmas tree set up in the winter garden – decorate it! Add Christmas lights and other ornaments. This will surely make the yard look much more inviting and attractive during the winter holiday season. You can also add some more Christmas decorations around the garden and on your house for an even greater mood and seasonal spirit.