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Okanagan Hockey: Camps, Academies, Combines

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Ice hockey (or ‘hockey’ to us Canadians!) is the quintessential Canadian sport. The best game in the world dates back to the late 1800s, and it continues to excite new generations of fans today. Established in 1963, Okanagan Hockey celebrates 60 years of bringing this amazing sport to youth across the country.

About Okanagan Hockey

Founded by Larry Lund in Penticton, BC, Canada, Okanagan Hockey is the longest-operating hockey camp in the world. The Okanagan Hockey Academy (OHA) was established in 2002 as the first hockey-specific sports school recognized by BC Hockey and Hockey Canada. Dedicated to developing youth hockey players throughout the country, the OHA has camps in Penticton, BC; Kelowna, BC; Calgary, AB; and Edmonton, AB. 

Camps for Children of All Ages

You only have to read the testimonials from our previous attendees to know how much they loved our camps. It’s never too early to instill a passion for the game. Our Learn-to-Play camps are designed for kids as young as 4 to 6 years. More advanced camps are available for children in older age groups. 

Our camps cater to all skill levels, including specialized camps designed to hone specific skills within the game. Each of our locations offers a range of training programs designed to help young athletes grow. 

Goalie Camps: We offer goalie training to teach young goaltenders the fundamental techniques with our professional goalie instructors.

Contact and Performance Camp: When you start playing contact, knowing how to stay safe on the ice is crucial. Our contact and performance camp is designed to increase player confidence while teaching spacial awareness and proper checking techniques. 

Female-Only Camps: While most of our camps are co-ed, we offer female-only camps in Penticton, BC. However, we do encourage young ladies to participate in co-ed camps. Okanagan Hockey is dedicated to empowering women in the sport and developing their skills.

Our Coaches

All our coaches have extensive experience with hockey, either having played professionally or as coaches and trainers. We believe in keeping our student-coach ratios small to provide the individual attention needed to succeed in the game. 


The Western Hockey League, in partnership with Okanagan Hockey, is the number one choice for high-volume athlete assessments for players in the western provinces and states. Comprehensive on- and off-ice testing is conducted using state-of-the-art equipment designed by Sport Testing Inc. We have WHL Combine testing hubs set up in Penticton, BC and Calgary, AB. The WHL Combine Testing crew can test 40 athletes in a 75-minute ice session or up to 500 athletes in one day. 

Whether you’re looking to test your team during practice or your entire association’s rep tryouts in one day, we can do it, and we’ll do it right!

At Okanagan Hockey, our mission is to create an innovative, structured, and positive environment for all players to develop their skills while working hard and having fun. If this sounds like something for your young athlete, take a look at the various training camps we have to offer.

Phone: 1-888-844-6611 X 3354

Email: [email protected]

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