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Methyl Masterdrol Review

Methyl Masterdrol fr…

By Fathur , in Uncategorized , at 2022-04-30

Methyl Masterdrol from LG Sciences is an andro style prohormone. It is called an “androstane” which means it shares a common skeleton with DHT and is considered a cutting agent. The entire Masterdrol line has gone through a few changes over the years, starting with it being a capsule, then it was changed into Liquid Masterdrol and finally MMv3 rapid dissolve tablets.

The active compound has remained the same however and that’s what makes it so incredibly potent. The hormone in Methyl Masterdrol v3 is called epi-androsterone. Epi-androsterone is based on a androstane skeleton similar to DHT. All androstane skeletons share a common set of properties.

Androstane’s tend to be reducers of estrogen, they also increase mental clarity by binding to stimulation points in the brain. They can also help the body to release stored fat, which will give you that “cut” look. This is why androstanes are used by many pre-contest athletes and are typically used 2-4 weeks before a show.

Androstanes are prized for their ability to increase strength and sex drive. The DHT related nature of these hormones is what gives them their potency. DHT is important for penis enlargement as well as stimulating the androgen receptor, which in DHT is about 25% more than testosterone.

Methyl Masterdrol V3 contains additional components that help increase the bio-avialability. These help give the hormone safe passage through the stomach and intestine where they are often destroyed and excreted. This delivery system makes Methyl Masterdrol v3 even more potent at getting to where you need it most.

Users are reporting gains of 5-10lbs of muscle on a cycle. It’s not really a bulking agent, more of a cutting and strength agent, which is why it is best stacked with something like Methyl 1-D.

Androstane’s are typically deactivated by the muscle cells, which is why taking the right dose is important. You need to overwhelm the 3bHSD enzyme to get maximum benefit from the product. This is done by taking at least 4 rapid dissolve tablets per day.

People with very sensitive hairlines should be cautious with Methyl Masterdrol V3, since it can cause some hair loss in men who are susceptible to it. Always check with your doctor before starting any hormonal supplement and it is best only when used by men over 21. It is not advisable to use the product if you are a female or minor, so please take these warnings seriously.

Overall, Methyl Masterdrol is a good product with a good safety profile. When used properly it can really amount to some major strength gains. It is best stacked with Methyl 1-D or in combination with a good NO product, like Anadraulic Pump.

For best results use Methyl Masterdrol V3 for 4-8 week cycles and then give you body a rest for at least 2-4 weeks before starting another one.

If you are ready to step up to a hormonal bodybuilding agent, want increased strength and focus, then maybe this is the product for you. If you need more of a mass builder, then M1D is a better choice.

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