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Lip Tint vs. Lipstick, What’s Better?

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Many people complain that they are annoyed with lipstick sticking to their lips even when they sleep. Makeup brands solved this problem by launching lip tints. All cosmetic brands worldwide, Korean brands are well-known for their extraordinary tints that can be applied on lips and cheeks as well. In fact, you must have heard about 3CE Velvet Lip Tint 4G its one of the top Korean tints that the internet is going crazy about. 

What do you like more, lipstick or lip tint? Well, our vote is for lip tint, and the following are some of the reasons that make lip tints better than lipsticks.

Why lip tints are better than lipsticks?

Tints are non-sticky

Lip tints are non-sticky which means nothing is going to stick to your lips. The worst situation is when you’re outdoors and the wind is blowing your hair into your lips, where it gets trapped and then smears it all over your face. This never becomes a problem since lip stains dry entirely.

Tints Stay Longer than Lipsticks

The fact that lip stains remain longer than traditional lipstick or lip gloss is one of the biggest reasons to use them. Lip stains may last up to 12 hours, which is much longer than conventional lipsticks! This is something you can test yourself on as well. 

No Stains on Teeth

Lip stains don’t wash off your teeth since they temporarily color your lips. Lip stains are great since they are transitory and prevent you from looking like you are wearing pink lipstick.

No Hesitation in Kissing

You know it won’t be nice when you kiss a guy and he ends up wearing half of your lipstick. You can have dozens of kisses with lip stains on, and not a drop will ever touch anyone’s lips. You needn’t be concerned if he doesn’t like it.

Hassle-free & Tension-free

Lip tint is a hassle-free way to add a strong or nude lip color to your everyday makeup, depending on the effect you are looking for. Lip stains require less product than lipstick because you only need to apply them once every night, which also helps you save money

Don’t Need to Re-apply

Generally, when you wear lipstick and go out, you always need to carry it in your bag. Lipstick requires reapplying over and over. This is such a pain! Switch to something that will remain on no matter how much you eat or drink and stop reapplying, tint is the best solution for that!

No Stains on Crockery

The one benefit to drinking while wearing lipstick is that you can always tell which glass is yours while you’re out. Maybe, not everyone finds lipstick smudges on glasses tolerable, but some people do. And for those people, lip tints are the perfect solution!

Final Verdict:

So, with all the valid arguments it is clear that lip tints are much better than lipsticks. Also, if you are looking for some long-lasting Korean tints, don’t forget to check out New Korean Skincare Brands!

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