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LELO brand – why should you be interested in its products?

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Among high-tech and designer erotic toys, few companies can compete with the thriving LELO brand. What kind of vibrators for women and geisha balls does LELO have in its offer? What proves the uniqueness of these products?

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  1. Women’s vibrator
  2. LELO Sona
  3. LELO condoms

Female Vibrator

Rarely, among LELO’s assortment you will also find toys and accessories designed specifically for men. In the company’s offer, however, the most noteworthy are the groundbreaking products created with every woman in mind. The company has taken into account the needs of female customers with different body structures, degrees of sexual play and preferences. So the manufacturer has released devices for exploring the G-spot, toys for dual stimulation, and even an oral sex simulator. At the top of the range offered by the young and fully professional brand, however, is the LELO Sona. It’s a device that provides customers with maximum pleasure and comfort through patented technology. When many companies rely on developing classic vibrators, what does LELO choose? A sonic clitoral massager. The uniqueness of this erotic toy is that it works completely non-contact. So how does this deepened clitoral massage, which brings unprecedented orgasms, take place? The LELO massager uses the brand’s brand-new and patented SenSonic™ technology to awaken the senses. Physical vibrations are not responsible for the erotic sensations here. The most sensitive spot on a woman’s body is stimulated non-contact thanks to sound waves. What does this actually mean and how does it affect the quality of the rapture experience? The varying intensity and frequency of the striking waves in the LELO brand model is fully controlled by the user. How, in turn, does this method differ from the sensations provided by a bunny vibrator?


A LELO product has changed the erotic toy industry forever, which is why the company has joined vibrators from This is because the Sona model stimulates the deepest nerve endings of the clitoris, which ordinary vibrators would never reach. This massager also offers a wide range of control over the power of the device. Here we can choose from as many as eight modes, thanks to which we can select the most effective type of stimulation of the intimate area. In addition, the massager is made of top-grade medical silicone with a silky texture to the touch. The small size of the LELO vibrator, a device created with the needs of women in mind, is an additional advantage in comparison to Satisfyer products. What do we need to keep in mind to enjoy the full potential of the toy? For intimate moments with a premium shelf massager, a water-based lube will be perfect. Its advantages will be appreciated especially by those customers who are just beginning their adventures with vibrators and massagers. Women who appreciate strong sensations with lube can forgo and enjoy the lightweight and waterproof LELO product in the shower or bath, alone or with a partner. A plus of this inconspicuous massager is that it is also very easy to keep clean. Sona is made from a single piece of silicone, perfectly contoured to the shape of a woman’s hand.

Prezerwatywy LELO

However, the dynamically growing brand is famous not only for its technologically groundbreaking and internationally recognized LELO vibrators. The company’s assortment also includes products for men on a permanent basis. We are talking about exceptional condoms. What distinguishes these inconspicuous products, which are available in the offer of sex shop? The LELO product is made of latex, extremely thin material. Condoms offered by the company are virtually imperceptible: they do not restrain movement and do not affect the quality of sensual play. Despite the ultra-thin walls, LELO condoms are extremely durable. They fit extremly good toys from LELO and Fun Factory, if you would like to extend their lifes. The products owe their properties to their innovative structure. The condom is embossed in a hexagonal mesh, which thinly adapts perfectly to the penis. The company has also taken care of the smelling qualities: those who are sensitive to odors will be pleased with the reduction of the characteristic latex scent almost to zero.

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