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KiwiFarms: The Internet’s Most Controversial Website

KiwiFarms is well kn…

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KiwiFarms is well known as one of the most controversial websites on the internet cloud flare is the news. That recently received a cease-and-desist letter from Cloudflare. One of the service providers threatened to stop providing them with services unless they could comply with their rules and regulations. The website, dedicated to tracking and discussing the exploits of online trolls, has undoubtedly earned. Its place in the media spotlight, as its online and offline controversy, has become hard to ignore.

What is KiwiFarms?


Kiwifarms is an anonymous message board where people go to discuss the weird and wonderful things happening in the world of celebrity gossip. You might know it as the site that caused Angelina Jolie to file a lawsuit against them for leaking her medical records, or for being called the most toxic website online by Gawker. One could say that Kiwi Farms was so controversial was their delight in creating content that antagonized and incited people, often using personal information gathered from social media accounts.

And yet many of its followers appreciated this as just part of the community’s ironic humor. But recently, it seems like changes on kiwifarms something has shifted, and even people new to the forums are noticing how different it feels. More specifically, posts seem less incendiary and more jokes about celebrities’ fashion choices than publicizing their private health problems-and there are fewer antisemitic slurs on display.

How was this forum created?

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Kiwi Farms has its roots in a dispute between the website Something Awful and YouTube video game reviewer Sean Harris. Harris said that the website Reddit should shut down forever. Reddit was a website that allowed users to edit each other’s posts to attempt to troll them. It may have been an example of the type of content Something Awful hosts. In response, Something Awful moderators banned Harris from the site. He then launched a crowdfunding campaign for Kiwi Farms on Kickstarter, which he called an agricultural business venture.

He said it would a haven for people who have bullied online and need someone to talk to about their experiences. In broadcasting himself playing games live through with his face visible. This alternative to the 4chan forum is consider. One of the most extremist, racist, and hateful online forums. Kiwi Farms with the explicit purpose of harassing an online comic book. Author, who had already the subject of an intense harassment campaign on 4chan for several years.

Keffals News about Kiwifarms

kiwi farms

Clara Sorrenti (born March 25, 1994) is famous as Keffals. She is a Canadian Twitch streaming transgender activist, political Commentator, and former candidate of the communist party of Canada. She is also known for “rationing” right-wing figures on Twitter by replying to them and getting more engagement than their original tweets. She’s also run as a Communist candidate in Canadian elections.

Like other transgender activists, Sorrento has been targeted by kiwifarm. After an extensive online feud with another Twitch streamer that came to a head in March. Sorrenti argues that the Twitter accounts he follows will be less likely to engage with other people, thereby avoiding abuse. She is also accused with a KiwiFarms moderator. Joshua Conner Moon though has denied this claim.

What is its modus operandi?


KiwiFarms is a site that trades gossip and snark about the internet’s most notorious. The personalities is best known for outing the man behind them. Barbie Girl and for reposting hacked photos of Jennifer Lawrence. To get an idea of how ugly this site can be, one need only look at their Facebook page. Their YouTube channel has been terminated due to a policy violation, but they are still active on Twitter. It’s easy to see. Some people are uncomfortable with them, but what sets them apart from other trolls is that they’ve gone after children.

Users discuss their personal lives, post publicly available information, and are famous to engage in smear campaigns. On any person who questions them. Some have denounced them as trolls or cyberbullies. Many news organizations have had difficulty accessing information. About those running KiwiFarms or have elected not to due to death threats.

Is this forum legal?


KiwiFarms is proud of itself for not complying with laws, claiming that they aren’t doing anything illegal. They believe the website isn’t breaking any rules because it’s just an online forum. However, many people are upset about this site and are trying to have it shut down because they believe that the site is harming people on the internet. There have many incidents where someone has personal information by a user on Kiwi Farms. These people then become victims of cyberbullying and harassment from other users on the website.

One incident involves a transgender woman name Jess, who was doxx by one of the members on the forum, who found out her name. Address, phone number, email address, employer contact information, social media profiles, and more through some hacking techniques. As a result, she lost her job and all social connections and was harass relentlessly online. She attempts suicide in response to these events, which sparked controversy among those on both sides of the argument. Some think it should tak down, while others say freedom of speech protects them from getting sued or punished for what they’re say, even if it causes harm to others.

Is KiwiFarms connected to New Zealand?

news world

The name and the logo of kiwi only became part of the forum. Initially, the website was famous as Cloudflare, a reference to the anime artist it was created to document and harass. The conference was Kiwi as the scope of the site increase to fixat and harass others. The news world site provides a platform for people with common interests, mainly sending death threats, harassing exes, and ruining lives, she explained. It’s basically like other forum sites where people can come together over interests, but these are far more sinister.

Trans news like Kiwi Farms about having fantasies about murdering and Meth led her to quit within weeks. She described its users as extraordinarily gullible and easily manipulated individuals who want nothing more than validation for their rage. In retrospect, the only things that make her regret running Murder & Meth were how much time. It took away from her job and how many friends she lost due to being so wrap up in what happen there.

Are there more websites like this out there?

cloud flare

The network of angry, miserable people who band into uneasy communities that work together to weaponise the internet is massive. While some of these figures are part of the alt-right or conspiracy theory groups, ideologies are diverse. Cloud Flare websites are so controversial that they’re hard to find on the internet. Yes, and some of them are even worse than KiwiFarms. Many YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter gather and organize on smaller forums like KiwiFarms and groups on Telegram or Signal.

Websites like these may not be as controversial as Kiwi Farms, but they are still highly offensive to some people. ARC has report multiple times for animal cruelty, and 4chan was. Also said by Ellen Pao, who sued them for discrimination against women in 2015. These websites may exist all over the internet because they often fly under the radar due to the little traffic.



The stalkers community has been misunderstood by the media, with many fearing it is a site of hate. When it is a group of people coming together to make fun of someone else. No pictures or names are leak in these raids. As these users say they are just trying to poke fun at someone. Message board, some raids may go too far and give said person cause for alarm. But this site should not ban because of a few overzealous members. They provide a purpose for those. Who may otherwise have nothing to do on the internet and feel like their voices go unheard or unacknowledged.

They have so much more going for them than they think. The topics they discuss might seem trivial to outsiders, but they are essential to the communities involve. It is never a bad thing to have an outlet where you can talk. About Something, you love without fear of judgment. It was interesting talking about how the Kifers interact with each other and what it means for them. Though there were different opinions among Kifer themselves on whether this website should ban. One thing was clear everyone wants respect from outside sources.