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Kindle Oasis Review: The Best E-Reader on the Market

The Kindle Oasis is …

By Fathur , in Uncategorized , at 2022-11-16

The Kindle Oasis is the best product of its kind from Amazon, and it’s also the best e-reader on the market right now. It offers a variety of new features that improve the user experience, such as more screen space, waterproofing, Audible integration, and an extra battery life of eight weeks. With a price tag over $250, it’s not cheap, but if you’re looking to buy your first e-reader or upgrade from an older model.

Kindle Oasis has just been released, making waves in the e-reader community. The Kindle Oasis definitely should be at the top of your list! In the past and future, the Kindle has served a sole purpose: the expenditure concerning digital novels. Although a tad dated now with its third-gen release in 2019, this device is a lot of fun. It’s also one of the priciest programs offered by Amazon, and you get what you paid for.

An Introduction to Kindle Oasis

The kindle oasis 10th generation is an excellent e-reader with a great design. The kindle oasis price is slightly higher than previous models, but with a much higher cost comes many added benefits. The oasis kindle is thinner, lighter, and has a much longer battery life than other versions. What is a kindle oasis, you can also take notes and highlight passages that you want to return to in the future. With WiFi and cellular connection built-in, there’s no need for data plans or a 3G connection. There was only one waterproof Kindle available previously, so justifying the premium was simpler.

With the addition of a new backlight, you can change the warmth and coolness of the screen for increased eye comfort, new for the 2019 Kindle Oasis. The Paperwhite, our Editors’ Selection, is the finest value for most people. If you enjoy reading and have a good eye, the Oasis may be your e-reader. Setting up a Kindle Oasis for reading in the dark is comfortable. Pinch down from the top of the screen to access Quick Settings. Afterward, tap the Dark Mode push button to activate this feature.

Specifications of kindle oasis

There are many different ways to use the Oasis, ranging from its energy levels to the quality of its Internet connectivity. It is available in two capacities (32GB and 8GB) and two network versions (WiFi and mobile phone), as well as the option to disable advertisements that Amazon features between chapters. For $249.99, you can choose an 8GB model with special offers or a version without ads for $20 more. The Wi-Fi-only edition of the 32GB Oasis is 279.99 dollars, while the non-Wi-Fi version is 299.99 dollars.

For the WiFi/cellular model, only a 32GB storage model without special offers is available for $349.99. When viewed from the outside, The Kindle Oasis features from 2019 look the same as the model from 2017. This flat, 6.3-by-5.6-by-0.3-inch tablet has a 7-inch, touch-delicate E Ink demonstrate that is monochrome. Along the broader border of the page, there are two natural rubber buttons. Additionally, 0.3 inches of the back are thicker in this portion concerning readers. Over a tenth inch thick, the Oasis’ rest of the body offers a slight hold on the alternatively slim body.

Pros and cons


The Kindle Oasis offers the leading e-reader experience. It is one of the most demanded cones.

  • Backlight that can be adjusted
  • Design that is slim and striking
  • Vibrant, attractive screen
  • Suitable for water
  • Oasis is a pleasure to use
  • Thorough, top-notch screen


While they appear to have no flaws at first glance, they have a few. These are small, but they are concise and fit on the Kindle well.

  • Considerably high price
  • Clunky Overdrive compatibility

Why We Love the Kindle Oasis?

The new Kindle Oasis has a 10th-generation e-ink display, is waterproof, and comes in three different versions. Plus, it’s the lightest and most expensive Kindle ever made. It can hold more books than any other Kindle (up to 32 GB), offers book recommendations for those looking for something new, and can be purchased with the cover of your choice. We recommend this Kindle only for those with money to spare because its features differ from other Kindles that come at much lower prices.

But for readers who need one device for reading their favorite novels without carrying their laptop or tablet with them everywhere they go. The Kindle Oasis 3 Generation is perfect. Plus, there are some features you love, like reading in more places with one hand. Also, having Audible built in, so you can listen to your audiobooks while driving, and my favorite feature is free cellular connectivity.

The Light Quality

Like the last model, the screen is 7-inches, 300ppi, and displays 16 shades of gray. Even so, the addition of an adjustable warm light makes this screen much more readily belonging to your eyes. Under the brightness slider on the Oasis pull-down menu, a warmth slider controls the screen’s stain temperature. Based on the settings, it might appear cool blue-gray, warm orange-Yellow, or somewhere in between. Sometimes more excellent light can be interpreted as brighter and make the screen appear to stand out in lighting circumstances.

On the other hand, overhead fluorescent lights and computer monitors are also more strenuous on the eyes, causing them to strain. The decreased blue in the mix ease this strain even though warmer light doesn’t appear as bright. If you’re looking at a device as your primary light fountainhead, it’s handy.

A Realistic and Thin Design

Amazon hopes to create a smooth, slender product that is lightweight. Towards one end, the metal body has a slightly bulbous figure. The controller, buttons, and oasis kindle other hardware are kept there. Its shape makes it simple to use and hold, where one can massage the projections with their fingers and let the thumb take care of the sheet turning. On the other hand, it is lightweight, that one we’ve always appreciated. You’ll go with a protective cover that will raise your table’s weight. It’s an unpleasant concession to make to preserve your pricey and much-prized device. In 2019, the blade came in both graphite and gold colors.

As of now, we have yet to see the gold in person. However, the citrus-tinted version is for those who are watching for a pop of excitement instead of the easy-to-overlook colors pictured. Waterproofing IPX8 is interlining the whole thing. For those who want to read by the pool or in the bath, that offers security. Having already seen a Kindle drop off a boat and into a pool, this sort of protection is something we want to explore. That said, this is longer solely the case, along with Oasis immediately. Waterproofing is available on the latest Kindle Paperwhite, which is a little cheaper.

Entire Regarding Display

The Kindle Oasis sets itself isolated from the repose of the Kindle line in its more considerable display extent. This is our most extensive Kindle, coming in at 7 on the diagonal. We prefer this slightly larger size to the smaller 6-inch models we have used to for this device from several years. There are less expensive Kindles with E-Ink screens and front-lit applied science for enhanced reading clarity. It now stretches down to the Kindle, which costs about $90. One of the most considerable discrepancies between the new Kindle Oasis and its antecedent is that it boasts 25 LEDs across the display for light overhang.

That is to say, the low-end Kindle has fewer features- the entry-level model has simply four. In the previous generation and on the Kindle Voyage. Is the kindle oasis worth it? Yes, this the worth it, and the automatically adjustable luminosity was accessible. However, the adaptive color temperature has now been added to the mix. Smartphones and tablets display warmer hues as the day progresses, which is part of a growing trend in mobile devices. Correspondingly, 25 LEDs have 12 milky and 13 amber LEDs, allowing distinct distorted meteorologic conditions.

Final Verdict

After a few years in the market, the Amazon Kindle Oasis dimensions remnants the most excellent e-reader available – especially in 2019. Despite its high price, you’ll appreciate having a premium gadget if you read a lot. You think a large screen is partly responsible for this phone’s cheerful design. You also enjoy the fact that you have the option to modify the color temperature. A distinction between the others in the lower ranks. The result is a smoother, gentle look to your eyes no matter what time of day.

Additionally, the basic Kindle has forefront lighting and offers the same essentials. Now with a waterproof function, the Kindle Paperwhite’s price can’t compare to that of the Oasis. If you value the color temperature adaptation, you’ll want to consider it. Ultimately, everyone must learn to read whether they like it, or it always holds. Whether you buy a cheap Kindle or one that expenditure as considerably as a low-end iPad, you get a very high-quality product for your money. In terms of price, the Kindle Oasis is superior, but only by a narrow margin.