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Janfire Pellet Boiler and Information on Pellet Stoves

The Janfire pellet b…

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The Janfire pellet boiler is one of the leading biomass boiler brands within Europe. In Europe the trend is to install boilers in the basement, and connect the boiler to a large external fuel silo, which is positioned under the drive. These silos’s can hold up to a years worth of fuel, and with a cap on the drive, a tanker can easily load the silo.

Through a flexible feed auger, the silo can then automatically feed the pellet boiler for up to a year, depending on the size of the silo, the KW rating of the boiler and the amount of usage. The Janfire burner is a bolt on, however due to its design it can only burn premium grade fuel pellets effectively. This makes the Janfire quite expensive to run, with no option to burn lower grade wood pellets or other biomass fuel pellets.

To be able to burn a wider variety of pellet fuels, you will need one of the more flexible stoves. Certain brands of pellet stoves such as Harman and Breckwell have pellet feeders and burn pots, which can deal with higher percentages of ash. For instance, premium wood pellets produce between 0.5 and 1% ash, which any pellet stove can easily deal with.

However, other grades of pellets can produce much more than this, even up to 7% ash. Therefore stoves and boilers, which are designed to specifically burn premium grade pellets, will not be able to deal with any other fuel pellets. Consumers need fuel flexibility to keep their annual fuel costs to a minimum.



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