Are you considering a kitchen remodel? The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. It’s where we cook, eat, and socialize. Not to mention, it’s where we spend a lot of our time. So, it’s no wonder that many homeowners are looking to remodel their kitchens.

But how much value will a kitchen remodel add to your home?  Whether you’re planning to sell your home soon or you just want to update your space, it’s important to know how much it would affect the property value.

We decided to get some information with help of 5F Contracting, custom home builders in La Vernia, Tx. So keep reading to find out!

The Cost Of Remodeling Your Kitchen

The cost of remodeling your kitchen can be as low as $10000 or as high as $100000. It all depends on what aspects your wish to remodel. Some people need to redo their entire kitchen while others only need to replace or refurbish a few elements.

The overall cost is determined by your choice of materials, designs, etc. So you can spend as much as you like. You can repaint your existing cabinets to save money or build new ones from scratch to update your kitchen designs. It’s all up to you and your budget. But the national average amount spent on kitchen remodel is $25000.

What Is The Return On Investment For Kitchen Remodels?

The amount you may normally recoup on a renovation depends heavily on how much you spend, the area you live in, and the type of changes you pick. But the national average for a large-scale kitchen makeover is around 54%.

Small-scale makeovers can give a better return as the ROI is about 81%. So if you spend around $15000, you can expect it to boost your home value by $12000.


The ROI fluctuates based on your location as well. For eg., small kitchen remodel projects in the Pacific area have a national average of 93%. So if you live in the Pacific region, getting a kitchen makeover is a great way to improve your home value before putting it on the market.

These figures are only averages so the actual ROI may differ based on several factors. So it is best to consult a real estate expert to find out how much value a kitchen remodel project will add to your home.

Factors To Consider While Remodelling Kitchen

If you are remodeling your kitchen to attract potential homebuyers and increase home value certain factors need to be kept in mind while planning the remodel. The money should be spent strategically to imrpove ROI while making the kitchen look nice and aesthetic.

Here are some key factors to consider while remodeling your kitchen.

  1. Cabinets Refurbishing.

Before you go out to replace all your cabinets with new ones, think. Can they be repainted to match the new design and look of the kitchen? Installing a new cabinet can cost 30% of your entire budget. Repainting the cabinet can save a lot of money and is thus a better choice if you are on a budget.

  1. Modern Appliances:

Homebuyers often look for kitchens with the latest appliances and are willing to pay more. So consider upgrading with the latest technologies like a dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, four burner gas stove, and other amenities to attract buyers with a stylish yet functional kitchen.

  1. Stylish Counter Tops:

A countertop can tie up your entire kitchen design. A quartz countertop does look nice but can be expensive. So look for materials that are cheaper yet look stylish to elevate the overall look.

  1. Modern Backsplash Tiles:

A great way to add color and character to your kitchen aesthetic is with modern backsplash tiling. The cost of installing new tiles is relatively cheap so this is one of the best ways to upgrade your kitchen. Choose from colorful, geometric designs, or pick a color that compliments your countertop.


A kitchen remodel can be a great investment – not only will it make your home more enjoyable to live in, but it can also increase its value. If you’re planning to sell your home soon, a kitchen remodel is a great way to increase its sale price.

While it may be tempting to try this makeover yourself, hiring a custom home builder can be cheaper. They can advise you on the choice of materials and offer great craftsmanship to make even the inexpensive materials stand out.

It is one of the best investments you can make to increase your home value. So if you need a good contractor for a kitchen remodel in La Vernia, Texas, get in touch with 5F Contracting.

They listen to their client’s needs and work within their set budget to carry out remodels. They can help you with a wide range of services from designing the layout to installing appliances. So call up 5F Contracting today to get a free quote for your kitchen remodel project.