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How to Pick the Best Vehicle Loan Term

The average period f…

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The average period for new-car finance is slightly under 72 months. This is a new all-time high in the length of auto loans for both new and used automobiles.

The rise in popularity of 72- and 84-month vehicle loans, which have reasonable monthly payments. But wind up costing customers much more in total interest than more conventional 48- or 60-month auto loans.

Most personal finance experts agree that 48 months is the ideal period for a car loan, while some are increasing this length to 60 months because of rising vehicle prices and falling interest rates.

Compared to loans with more extended periods, 48-month loans have lower interest rates, and you pay less overall. You may also prevent “vehicle weariness,” when you’re ready for a new automobile but still forced to pay for an old one.

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The Ideal Loan Term for a Vehicle

Consider the length of the loan term in proportion to the cost of the automobile and your financial status when choosing your auto loan. A longer loan term will result in a cheaper monthly payment, but if you can afford a larger loan payment or don’t mind driving a less costly car, it may not be the best option.

Before buying a vehicle, it’s crucial to think about your finances and how much you can spend on the purchase and maintenance, to avoid using the 500 direct monthly payment and further fees.

Before going for a new car, you should find out whether you’re eligible for an auto loan at your bank or credit union.

Here are some suggestions for reconsidering the purchase and maybe moving toward a loan with a shorter payment period if reasonable payments are pushing you toward a car loan with a duration longer than 72 months:

A Secondhand Car is a Possibility

A vehicle that is a year or two old may have a much-reduced sticker price. New cars are infamous for losing a lot of their market value during the first year of ownership. Many even still have the warranties from the original manufacturers.

Make a Larger Down Payment

You may lower the amount you must borrow by increasing your down payment by 5% to 10% of the vehicle’s cost. It can make the payments on a loan with a shorter term more affordable for you.

Get the Most Affordable Option

To ensure you get the greatest interest rates possible on a vehicle loan, always submit applications to numerous lenders. You should also be ready to drive a hard bargain while negotiating the conditions of the purchase.

Consider taking action to improve your credit scores if the interest rates you’re given turn out to be higher than you’d like and you can wait six months to a year before completing your purchase.

Building up your credit score might result in cheaper interest rates since auto lenders, like other creditors, sometimes utilize credit ratings to assist determine the interest rates they charge. Lower interest rates equate to smaller monthly payments, which can make it easier for you to pay off a loan with a shorter duration.

Longer-term vehicle loans are becoming more and more common, but not all car purchasers need the desire to follow this trend. Look through the longer-term financing choices that many dealers are promoting if you’re intending to purchase a vehicle and attempt to locate a shorter-term loan that suits your requirements instead.

Substitutes for Lengthy Loans

Consider a scenario in which you want to purchase a new vehicle but find the monthly payments for the typical five-year loan to be prohibitive. That can indicate that you’re purchasing over or below your means. See what you can afford using Edmunds’ affordability calculator. You begin by selecting your desired monthly payment, and after a few clicks, vehicles within your price range will be shown.

You can also think about purchasing an older second hand vehicle. Since used automobiles cost less, there is less to finance, thus the payments should be cheaper even if interest rates are higher. Just be aware of the loan conditions. However, given how bloated the used vehicle market is expected to be in 2022, finding a decent bargain might be challenging.

Alarming Data On Auto Purchases

The ideal approach to finance a vehicle is not with an auto loan longer than 60 months since, among other things, their interest rates are higher. However, according, 39% of new-car purchasers in the first quarter of 2021 took out loans with terms of 61 to 72 months. More concerningly, according to research, 32% of auto buyers are signing loans with terms of 73 to 84 months, or from six to seven years.

Provide a reasonable monthly payment plan if you want the sale to go through at a [auto dealer]. They decide to prolong the loan rather than lower the car’s selling price. The majority of dealers, however, probably don’t disclose how it can affect the interest rate and cause the consumer other long-term financial issues.

Similar trends are being seen in used-car lending, however, the outcomes might be worse. Experian finds that 23% of those who buy used cars finance them for even longer terms — between 73 and 84 months — compared to 42.1% who take 61 to 72-month loans.

If you purchased a vehicle that was three years old and got an 84-month loan, the automobile would be ten years old when the loan was paid off. Think about how it would feel to be still paying payments on a vehicle that is ten years old.

Long loan terms are another weapon the dealer has at their disposal to get you into a vehicle. However, just because you could be eligible for these substantial loans doesn’t imply you need to accept them.

The Conclusion

It’s critical to consider how much of an automobile you can afford. Consider how much you can pay for your automobile each month, including petrol and insurance, in addition to the total amount of the loan.

The automobile of your dreams may not always be available in the shorter term. However, the sacrifice can be worthwhile if a less costly version of the same model can save you from taking out a longer-term loan. Regardless of whether you choose a longer or shorter term, compare rates to obtain the best deal.