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How To Know When You Need A New Battery In Your Cell Phone

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With the world being a digital space that can be encapsulated in your palms, having a smartphone that matches your life is incredibly important. From social interactions to keeping up with work, from booking a dinner with your loved one at your favorite restaurant to calling a cab, everything is inside the phone, and keeping it in prime condition is something that you can’t compromise on. If your cell phone battery is giving up and you are considering cellphone repair, read this blog to know for sure. If by the end of the blog you mind yourself affirming all the signs, you might need to head out and get a new battery for your cell phone.

It Wouldn’t Turn On

A phone not turning on is perhaps the clearest and simplest method to tell whether your battery is beyond its prime. Your phone won’t switch on like anything else that lacks electricity. However, if your phone is still sending you alerts or showing any other signals of power even when the display is entirely black, the problem is probably with the display rather than the battery. A separate charger should be used in order to rule out the possibility that the problem is with your charger rather than the battery.

Only Working When Plugged Into A Charger

We will proceed to the following stage if your phone is fully dead and we have ruled out the possibility that the screen is damaged. Connect your smartphone to the charger and wait a few minutes before observing. It’s excellent if your phone turns on and starts functioning. Next, unplug the charger. Your battery is absolutely in need of retirement if it shuts off the moment the charger is removed. The fact that the phone only works while getting electricity from the charger proves this. If you are not okay with being stationed by a power outlet, it’s time to replace your battery

Quick Depletion Even When Fully Charged

A contemporary smartphone from 2015 or later should have a typical battery life of 5 to 8 hours between fully charged and totally depleted. Of course, depending on a variety of other variables, this might vary greatly from user to user. You may only obtain the 3 to 4-hour range if you often use your phone, run battery-draining applications, or neglect to stop apps after using them. Yet another indication that your battery is nearing the end of its useful life is if you charge your device until it is fully charged but the battery life appears to go quickly 2 hours or less or if it abruptly stops working altogether.

Excessive Heat

Does your phone heat up significantly after being in use for a long time? Maybe it has a battery overheating issue and needs to be replaced. Between 68 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit is the typical spectrum for smartphone batteries to remain healthy. Although your battery is capable of operating over this point, doing so will reduce its overall performance and longevity. In addition to being dangerous, if your phone feels hot to the touch it may also be a warning that your battery is nearing the end of its useful life. So if your phone has been displaying a higher degree of temperature in general, it’s time to get it looked at!

Bulging Batteries

Lastly, if the screen of your phone begins to separate from the device’s frame, it’s most likely because the battery is bloated and is forcing the screen upward. Overcharging the battery’s cells results in battery bulging. This is a risk that is similar to overheating. You’re forced to swap out the batteries at this point, before the screen breaks! If you have a phone with a battery that has noticeably bulged up, it’s time to get a new one!

A cell phone battery that has been lagging might be a little frustrating, especially in the fast-paced world of today. It is surprising how just switching your phone battery out can breathe new life into your old phone. If your phone has recently needed acting up and the battery has been running out quickly, a battery replacement might be in order. Working with a battery that is well past its prime years might be not only inconvenient but can be potentially dangerous. Just imagine stepping out and needing to hail a cab latest night, and your battery choosing that precise moment to give up! Having a well-functioning battery is one of the basic requirements of having a smartphone. If you are experiencing the above-mentioned problems, it’s probably time to get a new battery!

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