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How to Get Your Ford Truck Vehicle Identification Number?

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Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903 to manufacture different Ford vehicles to meet consumers’ needs. Ford Motor Company is a large automotive manufacturing company, producing over 4 million vehicles each year. With over 90 factories globally, Ford Motor Company has been able to meet and surpass drivers’ needs and requirements. 

If you are looking to purchase a second-hand Ford truck, you need to carry out Ford truck VIN look up to be sure you are not buying a stolen or damaged vehicle. Ahead, you will learn how to get your Ford truck vehicle identification number and how to perform a Ford truck vehicle identification number decoder. 

Let’s dive in!

What is a Ford VIN?

The Ford VIN is a unique 17-digit identifier that serves as the vehicle’s identification. It enables you to recognise any Ford pickup or passenger vehicle. By design, it can tell every Ford car owner a lot of valuable information, such as detailed specifications and the vehicle history.

When purchasing a used car, it is customary to run a VIN check. Unlike the car’s license plate number, the VIN number cannot be legally changed or swapped – it is permanently attached to a vehicle.

Where Can I Find My Ford Truck VIN?

Potential Ford truck owners can find the VIN of a vehicle they intend to buy in the following locations:

  • On the driver’s side door jamb
  • Inside the glove compartment
  • on the right-hand dash panel,
  • On the top left-hand side of the frame between the steering gearbox and firewall.

How to Perform a Ford Truck VIN Decoder?

There are two major ways to perform a Ford truck VIN decoder: by using a VIN decoder or by reading the VIN number using a format. 

Let’s start with using a VIN decoder. In the automotive industry, there are hundreds of VIN decoders, which may become overwhelming for the average person to determine a genuine and authentic VIN decoder. One VIN decoder you should consider using to perform a Ford truck vehicle identification number decoder is VinPit. 

VinPit is the world’s leading VIN decoder that has served motorists and potential car owners since inception. Here is how to use VinPit perform a Ford truck VIN decoder:

  • Enter Ford Truck VIN: Enter your vehicle’s VIN number in the space provided on the VinPit website.
  • Search Data: Click on “search Data” to search your vehicle’s history.
  • Get Report: The report of the VIN check will display in front of you after a while.

Alternatively, you can use the format method to perform the Ford truck VIN decoder. For this method, you need to have your Ford truck VIN number handy. Supposing your vehicle identification number is 1FDXF46S12EC58316, it means:

  • The manufacturing nation is represented by character 1, the first character in the string.
  • F represents the Manufacturer (Ford)
  • D represents the Vehicle Type (Incomplete Vehicle)
  • X represents Restraint Type
  • F46 stands for the Model (Ford F-Series, F-450, Regular Cab, 2WD)
  • S stands for Engine Type (6.8 SOHC SEFI V10; Gasoline 275HP)
  • 1 represents Security Code
  • 2 represents Model Year (2002)
  • E represent the Plant location
  • C58316 represent the Production Sequence

With the information above, you can check the relevant data of any Ford truck vehicle that you intend to buy. 

Why Do I Need to Use the Ford Truck VIN Decoder?

There are so many reasons to use the Ford truck VIN decoder. One, it will save you some bucks. Instead of buying a second-hand vehicle blindly, which may make you lose your hard-earned money, a Ford truck VIN decoder will help you unveil the real status of a second-hand vehicle. 

Secondly, If you have a Ford truck and it’s stolen, the Ford truck VIN decoder can help security agencies to track the exact location of your stolen vehicle. 


Still wondering the benefits of using a Ford truck VIN decoder? A Ford truck VIN decoder is an excellent tool that you can rely on to check the status of a second-hand vehicle. Buying a second-hand vehicle from a dealer can be risky, especially if the dealer doesn’t have a good reputation. The only way to buy a second-hand Ford truck with peace of mind and full confidence is to using a Ford truck VIN decoder to check the historical record of the vehicle before making a buying decision. 

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