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How to get most out of Solo ads?

Solo ads are adverti…

By Fathur , in Uncategorized , at 2022-12-24

Solo ads are advertisements that appear on people’s email list, in which your business is the only thing which is advertised. These mails are not just an ad, they are also the source for driving people towards your landing page and sales funnel. The ads on email comprises of website’s link, by clicking on it you directly get redirected towards the business’s website.

Additionally, it is observed that people are aware about solo ads, but eventually lack knowledge regarding how they can be used in the best way. As preparing and sharing solo ad isn’t enough, there are certain actions that must be taken to ensure that the ads are well-regulated, are in control and accomplish the purpose for which they are made. Hence, this article will help you with some techniques that can improve results deriving from solo ads, and how to make best use of them.

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Keep a record of everything

A responsible and vigilant businessman is one who keeps the record of everything happening in the business, it is important to be aware about each and everything in detail. When it comes to tracking solo ads, it is highly important to understand the potential of your sales funnel, and how actually it is performing. Basically, keeping a track here means knowing what your customers are doing at every purchasing stage. These checkups will let you invest in the right marketing channels, that has potential to drive your sales graph upwards. There are technical instruments that you can use to check how your solo ads are doing? And what are your conversion rate across the entire funnel. Moreover, having track of quality of solo ads is equally important, the ads must have potential to drive people towards making deal with your business.

How to get most out of Solo ads 2

Use high-performing landing page

The main concern of marketing is every customer matters. So, make sure that you offer the best experience to the people crossing your website. A high-performance and smooth landing page is best to retain viewers for longer duration. Show clear navigation of your website and keep it easy. Here, use solo ads for your benefit, project why people should choose you through your ad content. However, keep them short and clear and prevent sending multiple solo ads of same context, let the number of solo ads be optimal. Moreover, the content delivery network, non-bloating coding, are useful in providing optimum solo ads for different marketing reasons, these basically filter down your ad content to make it precise and clear, some of the best solo ads provider of 2023 have this technology. Many big businesses use them for their marketing campaign to bring innovation and accuracy.

Re-targeting people

You get a fraction of amount with every solo ad email click; this fraction amount can add up and convert into a huge amount. If your landing page’s’ conversion rate is 30% then you are missing out on 70% of your target audience, and that is actually a major negative you are facing. You might be able to target some people and successfully converted them to your customer, but what about others whom you failed to convince? Thus, here comes the role of re-targeting the people, this is especially for those who came to your landing page but unfortunately walked away without doing anything. So, the best way to target them is by running retargeting solo ads on email. This, way you can build a solo ad which is specifically to convince people to show interest in your offers. Also, running solo ads is a low-cost job which is definitely a positive sign if you are tended to run ads again and again for re-targeting.

Use pop-up alert notifications

It would be unfair if you simply allow the traffic to close your website and walk away. Like, in real the way sales executives show efforts to retain the customer by convincing them to remain by offer something more relevant and better. Likewise, you can use pop-up notification technique to retain the online traffic. Before any viewer exists your website, ask for possible reasons like why the user wants to exit and whether or not he/she is able to find the relevant content. Such pop-up will let you understand in a better way about what the viewer is looking for. Moreover, if a visitor tries to close the website, indicate message asking viewer to stay or navigate him/her to see another related offer. In this way you will initially lose a smaller number of people that you would have missed without using pop-ups.

How to get most out of Solo ads 3

Get exit traffic conversion

This is one of the smartest ways to covert more people by displaying targeted exit pop-up message. Basically, when a viewer will try to exit the page, he/she will be shown a pop-up notification saying sign-up. Most on-site conversion rate optimization tools have this technology, and they simply don’t allow the viewer to walk away, rather they seek for information that will help to stay in touch with the viewer. Moreover, make sure, that your website is mobile-friendly, so that it will get easy for the viewer to sign-up there and then, without shifting it later. You can show different offers or deals that you have to provide this way you can please the viewers to register on your page. So, the next time when you will have something new and exciting on your list, you can simply inform them through a mail. This is one way of retaining customers for future without completely losing on them.


These techniques will definitely help you to optimize your results from solo ads. Solo ad is one such technique which is highly effective to give you brilliant conversions in shorter time, if used correctly. You need to make sure that everything you do is apt, and in control. For this tracking your sales funnel and rate of conversions is necessary. In addition, optimizing your landing page is equally important, a smooth landing page has clarity and it is easy-to-use. Thus, make sure whenever the viewer redirects towards your website, it offers clear and smooth browsing experience. Also, check for ways to retain visitors rather simply allowing them to walk away, seek for registration to stay in touch with the visitor.