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How To Clean Couches Near Me

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Over time, oil from your skin and dirt from other sources can build up on your couch and eventually give it a dingy look. For this reason, experts like Zerorez advise that you have your couch cleaned professionally at least every 6 months a week. 

While waiting for professional cleaning, you can also take the DIY route. In case you don’t know how to go about this, you don’t have to worry. In this post, we will highlight various steps involved in couch cleaning. So sit back and read on! 

Couch Cleaning Processes

Know The Type of Fabric

Just before you get down to the cleaning business, it’s important to look for the tag on the couch to get instructions on how to get it cleaned. When you see “WS” on the tag, it indicates that you should only use a mild detergent or dry-cleaning detergent with a steam vacuum for that couch. On the other hand, “S” indicates that you should only use a dry cleaner detergent.

Vacuum The Couch

Vacuuming is a major step in getting rid of the dirt inside a couch. Either you have a hand vacuum, or you want to use the brush attached to your vacuum, you’re good to go. All you have to do is ensure you exert more energy on the crevices, which are usually filled with dirt. If your cushions are detachable, you can also remove and vacuum them separately.

Remove Stains

This is the part where you apply cleaning agents to rid of stubborn stains from your couch. If you like, you can make cleaners by mixing natural ingredients in your kitchen or get one from a nearby store. You just have to ensure you get a cleaning agent that won’t make your sofa color fade away or cause any other issue. When you’re done with the main sofa, you can wipe the feet and other non-fabric areas with liquid dish soap and warm water.

Dry The Couch With A Towel

Once you’re done with the cleaning, it’s time to use a dry towel to remove any water left on the sofa. If it’s a cold season, you can set a fan directly in front of the sofa to aid the dryness. 

It would be best if you didn’t leave your sofa in a wet condition. This can cause the couch to start smelling or even grow molds and Mildred. 

How To Clean And Protect A Leather Couch

Use A Lint Roller

For couches with fabrics that easily attract lint, dust, or hair, you should have a lint roller exclusively for them. The use of lint rollers mostly works for a couch that only needs a little amount of delinting, but it can be used for bigger jobs too.

Use Leather Soap And Conditioner

Leather soap and conditioner shouldn’t be lacking in your home if you have a leather couch, as it aids in keeping it clean and fresh. You can also keep a clean rag specifically for cleaning it once a week. Importantly, before cleaning, ensure the rag is damp.

Try Steaming

Steaming is great for couches with fabrics that can tolerate water-based cleaners. This cleaning procedure helps to loosen up stains and dirt, so getting rid of them can be easy. However, you must ensure your couch’s fabric allows it before using it. When you’re ready, put it on the “steam” setting and place it on any stained spots on your couch.

Keep The Couch Away From Moisture

Maintaining your leather couch is not just about cleaning. The part of your home where you position your leather couch also matters. Keeping a leather couch exposed to extreme weather conditions can make it crack. 

Ideally, it would be best if you didn’t keep your leather couch in the hottest or coldest part of your home. Some of these include places close to a glass door, window, or light-blocking curtains. It would be best if you kept them where they won’t be exposed to extreme temperatures. Some experts advise having any room where leather couches are kept well air-conditioned. 

Keep The Couch Away From Pests

In case you don’t know, pests can damage your couch faster than moisture, so it’s advisable to keep them away at all times. Whether dogs or cats, the effects of their scratching won’t take long to start showing on your beautiful leather couch if you allow them.

Seek Professional Help

When your leather couch gets torn, you could be tempted to sew it up, but you shouldn’t give in, no matter what. Even though DIY couch cleaning is allowed, it’s better to leave repairs to the professionals to avoid making things worse.

In conclusion, maintaining a couch is not a one-time thing. You have to constantly practice these cleaning and maintenance tips so they can help in bringing out the best in your couch.

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