When the repair is over, it’s time to start furnishing the apartment. This is not an easy task, requiring serious costs. Therefore, the choice of furniture must be approached carefully and seriously.

Having decided to change all the furniture, you have probably already looked at new options.

It is more difficult if it is decided to leave some furnishings. Then it will be necessary to complement the interior of the house, looking for new solutions that are most compatible with it.

What to look for when buying

You should always remember that furniture is purchased for a long period. Therefore, haste in this matter can be costly.

You need to go to the shopping centre only after you have taken into account all your expectations from the future interior, among which the main ones are:

  • Style (for example, hampton bedroom);
  • colour spectrum;
  • the functionality of each item.

Decide immediately in what style you want to furnish each specific room. Based on this, choose furniture, whether it is a set, a set or individual items.

The colour scheme of the upholstery should not be discordant with the colour of the walls of the room, flooring or curtains.

Functionality is also important, especially if the living space is small. Here, each furniture unit should be used as efficiently as possible.

Furniture should match the style of interior decoration. Bought in advance, it can bring dissonance into the overall concept of the future interior. Therefore, you first need to choose a style and order a design project. And then conclude a turnkey repair agreement with a reliable company. Then all design ideas will be implemented absolutely accurately. And you will have time to thoughtfully approach the issue of choosing furniture that fits perfectly into the renovated premises.

There are a few rules that can ease your “choice torment”:

The appearance of furniture. If it does not arouse your interest or frankly do not like it, you should not waste time considering this option.

If you liked the outward appearance of the furniture, you need to consider its functionality from the point of view of your specific situation.

For example, if the apartment is large, and you are planning to buy several wardrobes, then you can not really find fault with the volume of each individual storage of things.

If the apartment is small, but there are a lot of things, then everything should go into one closet. Therefore, consider whether you can fit everything you need in this particular closet. See how many shelves, and drawers it has, and whether there are mezzanine sections.

Access to stored items must be free. If you had problems with old furniture, take into account the design flaws that led to them.

The next important requirement is the quality of the furniture. Find out what materials were used to make it.

If you can afford natural wood, then this is the best option both in terms of beauty and environmental friendliness.

If funds are limited, then take a closer look at furniture made of MDF or chipboard. It is quite affordable and of satisfactory quality.

Furniture accessories. Even if you buy not too expensive furniture, the fittings must be of high quality. The functioning of the entire structure depends on it.

Price – this issue needs to be decided in advance. Your choice depends to a large extent on your budget.

Well, if you can not think about money and buy any furnishings. Even if this is not the case, it is worth doing a little research first by visiting different shopping centres. Look at the catalogues that they offer because they never put everything on the trading floor. Perhaps you will find the option you need at a lower price.

What else is worth focusing on

Whether you pick up the furniture from the warehouse yourself or have it delivered to your home, pay attention to the following:

  • does it smell damp (especially upholstered furniture) or does it emit a sharp smell of varnish;
  • how neatly the upholstery is stitched, whether the filler sticks out somewhere;
  • are there any chips, cracks, or bubbles on the surface of furniture facades;
  • are all edges finished with veneer;
  • do the doors fit well, are there any distortions;
  • whether the furniture creaks or sways during installation.

Test mechanisms and accessories:

mechanisms should not jam – the doors open and close easily, the sofa easily unfolds and assembles;

if there are roller guides, the drawers should slide out easily and silently.

If you are buying prefabricated furniture, do not accept work without evaluating the quality of assembly by the craftsmen of the selling company.

Chairs, beds and sofas are subject to mandatory “tests”. Sit on them and even lie down – so you will understand whether they will be comfortable for you personally and your family members.

Some more tips

You should not buy all the furniture at once, which seems absolutely necessary. First, buy what you can’t do without. Arrange and even spread out things. Live your normal life for a while. Consider whether you are experiencing any domestic inconveniences.

Thereafter it will become clear whether you need to buy something else. Perhaps you will be satisfied with the interior that has already been developed. If not, then later you can buy the missing items and accessories without haste, enjoying the process.

It is worse when so much has been bought that it becomes difficult to move freely around the apartment.

Do not forget that the choice of furniture directly depends on the repair. If you order a comprehensive apartment renovation from a reliable company (level walls, floors and ceilings, finish all surfaces and corners, make high-quality communications, etc.), then the furniture will look much better, and it will be easier to choose it.