If you have sash windows in your property that were once beautiful but they’re now in need of replacement or repair, we would always recommend repairing them. Repairing sash and casement windows ensures that the charm of your property goes unchanged. Yet, the restoration work will breathe life back into your property. Below, we’re going to help you choose the best window repair company in your area. So that the window repair company you use will offer every service your windows need.

Services provided by local window repair companies

Companies that repair windows must be able to provide every restoration service that you need. This includes glass replacement, frame repair and draught proofing. If a window repair company cannot offer every service you need, then it is best to avoid them.

The best window company for you is one that will provide a free quote, and come to your home and investigate your windows before any work takes place. This means they can provide an accurate quote for the repair work. While your windows may have damage on the surface, this damage may run a bit deeper, and it is worth knowing that before the work starts. That way, you won’t be shocked at the additional charges.

Services that a window repairman near you should offer include:

  • Glass replacement
  • Frame repairs
  • Re-painting and decorating
  • Sash cord and pulley repairs
  • Draught Proofing
  • Double glazing

Whether you feel your windows need all of these services or not, finding a professional window repair company that offers all of these services ensures they know exactly what your windows need to bring them back to life. They have the skills and experience to make your window restoration project go seamlessly.

What is the cost for window repair?

The cost of a window repair can vary greatly depending on the repairs needed and even your location. However, expect to pay somewhere in the region of £500 per window. Some window repair companies will offer a discount if you have a lot of windows, though.

If you’re toying with replacing your sash or casement windows, you may be interested in the cost of this too. Replacing a sash window or casement window in a period home can cost around £1,750 per window. It can also change the style and charm of your property forever, and you’ll likely need planning permission, depending on the replacement. So, repairing sash windows is certainly the cheapest option and ensures your property stays charming and beautiful.

How to find a good window repair service near you

The best way to find good companies that repair windows near you is to ask your neighbours and look at online reviews. If you live in a beautiful neighbourhood with period properties all around you, your neighbours have likely had repairs done over the years. You can ask which window company they used. Online reviews are also great. You can see if a window repair company is true to its word and deliver exactly what they are claiming. Finding the best window repair company in your area ensures your windows are repaired perfectly and will look wonderful for decades.

The next time you need a window restoration company, use the tips and tricks above to ensure you find the best window repairers in your area. Sash window restoration is a brilliant way of breathing life into an older property, but finding the best window repair company ensures that the work carried out will look excellent for years to come. By the way, if you are interested in the history of sash windows and their popularity you can discover this source.