Singapore is one of the oldest areas that has been constantly inhabited by people and is currently home to about 6 million Singaporeans. This island country is located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula and hosts vibrant culture that is considered an important business centre across the globe.

Singapore is a thriving Asian country that is one of the largest commercial hubs in the world and provides international candidates with outstanding opportunities to work in the area of law. Opting to study law in Singapore will allow you to get an in-depth idea about both the English and Singaporean common law systems, which are very similar.

It can take about 12 to 18 months to complete a diploma in law programme here in Singapore, which will allow you to specialise in various areas of law including contract law, start law, equity and trust law and administrative law. The mode of instruction is English, and the course curriculum is particularly designed for you to understand both Singapore’s and the international legal system.

Why should you study for a diploma in law from Singapore?

Undergoing a law diploma programme from Singapore is necessary if you aspire to work as an attorney in the lion city. If you do not belong to all legal academic backgrounds but have a knack for the processes relevant to the legal system of the world then adding a diploma to your resume can help you advance in your career further.

Choosing a diploma in law will allow you to obtain a legal degree sooner than any other qualifications available in Singapore, as well as not requiring you to make a huge cut in your pocket in terms of tuition fees and accommodation. This flexible programme allows you to complete the entire course curriculum from the comfort of your home and provides you with a degree that is recognised by the bar associations of various countries.

Adding a diploma degree to your resume will allow you to take up a full-time degree in the future and specialise in an area that you are truly passionate about, be it educational teaching or the criminal system. Furthermore, as a foreign student, a diploma in law qualification sets you up for job opportunities within Singapore and makes it easier for you to apply for a work permit and find employment even during your vacations!

What are some of the professional development opportunities in Singapore?

Pursuing law in Singapore will allow you to participate in different exchange programmes and placement opportunities, as well as gain global exposure via internships or apprenticeships. Some of the popular law specialisations offered by Singaporean universities are mentioned below:

  • Environmental law
  • International law
  • Criminal law
  • Intellectual property and technology law
  • Maritime law
  • Corporate business law
  • Asian legal studies

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