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How Do I Know If My Igniter Is Working?

I got this question …

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I got this question a few days ago…

“Hi, I bought an igniter from you a few months ago for our 2003 Avalon Astoria pellet stove and, after my husband installed the new igniter, it still does not ignite. The operational lights come on and it drops pellets, it just doesn’t ignite. Is there any chance that the new igniter doesn’t work, or is there a next most likely thing that would keep it from igniting? Is there a way to check out the igniter? Is there a way to check the circuit board? Is it typical that failure to ignite is a faulty circuit board? If so, do you sell circuit boards or are they only available through the specific company? Thank you for your help.”

On occasion you may install a new igniter and experience similar problems. This can be an easy thing to figure out if you have some experience with electricity and can test voltage. Remember that an igniter element is very similar to a light bulb; when you put power to it; it turns on if it’s working. Igniters get red hot when they are working, so a visual check is the first thing you want to do.

If you have a volt meter you can check to see that the igniter is getting the proper voltage of 110-120 volts ac. If you are not getting power then you have an issue with the circuit board and not the igniter. Check all the fuses on the circuit board. Usually the igniter has a fuse that can fail. If all fuses are good you will need to contact an authorized dealer for your stove and see if they have access to a circuit board.

If your igniter lights but your pellets won’t then you have the possibility of the stove being to dirty to operate. This happens when an excess of ash builds up in the stove and restricts the air from moving out the chimney. It happens in every pellet stove and needs to be cleaned out at least once a year.



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