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How Conversational Openers for Insurance Agents Can Foster Relationships and Gather Information to Boost Sales

Whether meeting in p…

By Fathur , in Uncategorized , at 2023-04-28

Whether meeting in person or conversing over the phone, an insurance agent’s primary objective is to familiarize themselves with their prospective client. While introducing oneself and one’s agency and discussing one’s background is important, the true value of these early conversations lies in getting the prospective client to share their thoughts. You may be wondering what conversation topics insurance agents can use to get clients talking. The answer is a diverse range of topics, some of which may be insurance-related while others may focus on hobbies or unrelated subjects. Here are five conversation starters that insurance agents can use to encourage dialogue and establish a rapport.

Ask Relevant or Seasonal Questions This is a great way to start a conversation because the stakes are low. Is there a major holiday coming up or has one just passed? Ask your prospective client about their plans for the holiday or how they fared during a recent storm. Although it may seem like idle chatter, once the client begins talking, they may reveal valuable information that can inform future sales strategies.

Inquire About Family (Including Pets!) An easy way to learn about a client’s family life is to share a bit about your own. For instance, you could mention that your youngest child is getting braces, or that you just adopted a Goldendoodle with boundless energy. Follow up with a question like “Do you have any children?” or “Do you have any pets?” Asking clients about their family and pets makes for great conversation starters for insurance agents because it provides context. If you’re selling auto insurance, learning that a client has children can help you focus your discussion on topics like safety and comprehensive coverage.

Pose Opinion Questions When it comes to conversation starters for insurance agents, it’s best to ask open-ended questions. Opinion questions are especially effective at eliciting responses. The goal is to get the client talking about anything. Ask for their opinion on a topic that either of you has mentioned. Perhaps you learned that the client drives an SUV. Ask them for their opinion on the particular model. Even if the substance of the discussion doesn’t directly lead to an insurance sale, you’re building a relationship and trust with the client. It’s a good idea to avoid politics and religion, since these can be sensitive topics that could derail the conversation.

Ask for Advice Asking for advice is even better than asking for an opinion. People love offering recommendations and advice. One of the best conversation starters for insurance agents is to ask the client for advice on something, even if it’s not related to insurance. For example, if you learn that the client works in construction, you could mention that you’re planning to renovate your kitchen and ask for advice on common mistakes to avoid. By deferring to the client’s wisdom, you’re building a mutually respectful relationship that can help them see your expertise in the insurance field.

Inquire About Previous Insurance Experiences If you sense that a client wants to get down to business, you can still get them talking by asking about their past experiences with buying insurance. Learning what they liked or disliked about the process can help you tailor the experience to their preferences and put you in a better position to make the sale.

With these conversation starters, your prospective clients will open up and share information. You can then begin to develop a sense of what type of customer they are and what insurance needs they may have. Even if they’re not discussing insurance directly, what they have to say can still be useful in building a rapport with them.