Friday, March 31, 2023
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How A Sterling Silver Bangle Is A Perfect Jewellery Piece For A Woman In Her 30s

You wake up after th…

By Fathur , in Uncategorized , at 2023-02-17

You wake up after the girls had taken you out into the city, convincing you that it was time for you to have some fun. You’ve been in a shell after the upsetting breakup of a previous relationship.

You built up the confidence after a cocktail or two to get chatting to a man who you had seen when out in the local market and who you immediately felt an attraction to. He seems to have similar feelings as he’s asked you out on a date. 

You are attractive for a woman in her 30s, with many thinking you are much younger. It’s time that you started believing in yourself once again, and spend some of the money you saved during your hibernation. You start shopping for some pieces of jewellery. You’ve always had a penchant for ladies silver bangles for several great reasons.

Suitable For Your Age

You want to wear items that are suitable for your age. It needs to be beautiful and stand out, but not look cheap. You want to exude class and elegance, with a certain maturity, despite having plenty of youthful energy and a lust for life just waiting to be let loose once again. A sterling silver bangle is a great choice from the many available options.

Show Off Your Sophisticated Style

The chance to exhibit your sophistication by wearing a classic jewellery design or timeless statement piece appeals to you, especially having found a jeweller that you can trust, with its years of experience, as a family business that obviously cares about its products and customers.

Quality Over Quantity

Gone are the days when you went for cheaper pieces, just so that you could own more. Less means more when it comes to quality, so you will also try to add to your collection over time with pearls, rings, earrings, and bracelets. But for now, it’s that sterling silver bangle that has caught your eye. You will add to it, with a classy hairstyle at your favourite salon, getting your nails done properly with care and attention as well as applying the right tasteful makeup, so that your date will be absolutely blown away as soon as he sets his eyes on you.

Knowing that your jewellery is handmade with loving care will add to your feelings towards it and the romance of the occasion. It will certainly make an impact and guarantee admiring glances. You know that in advance of your purchase it will have been tested at the London Assay Office to ensure it is solid, sterling silver, before being Hallmarked. You’ll be rest assured you are investing in quality.

Letting Your Inner Beauty Shine

Your choice of the bangle allows you to portray your thoughtful persona, as such items are often seen as symbols of security, wisdom, elegance, or prosperity. That should set his mind racing as he admires your jewellery and desires you, like the ancient Egyptians did when similar items were worn back in 5,000 BC.

Easy To Maintain

The bangle will be easily maintained, as sterling silver does not tarnish or react to water or air, and you have a wide range to choose from. As you have a larger wrist, you have decided upon a chunky silver bangle. If you were of a smaller size, you are likely to have gone for an item made of slim silver circles. You know that your piece will be perfect with your chosen outfit, and will also look good on later dates, with a dinner cruise on the river being on your list of dream evenings.

A sterling silver bangle is a perfect item of jewellery for a woman in her 30s, guaranteed to ooze quality and sophistication while enhancing your overall look.