If you are a homeowner looking for decoration tips for your garden, look no further! Whether you are a young couple who are wanting to create a lively space for entertaining and hosting or a family with children finding ways to create a more serene, soothing environment to retreat to, we’ve got you covered. We have compiled a list of 18 outdoor decoration tips for a lively or soothing space.

Add a water feature

A great way to create a soothing and serene space is to add a water feature to your garden, such as a water fountain or pond. Running water is a soothing sound and not only adds aesthetic value to your area but will ensure a relaxing atmosphere.

Outdoor speakers

If you are likely to host a lot and entertain guests in your outdoor space, adding speakers to your garden is a convenient feature. Speakers can be built into your outdoor furniture or even directly onto the exterior of your property. You may think this feature is only useful to create a lively atmosphere, but you can simply listen to relaxing music to make your garden more soothing for meditation or to relax simply.


Adding the feature of a fire pit will add aesthetic value to your garden and can change the atmosphere of your area. There are so many styles of fire pits on the market, which ensures plenty of choices to suit your aesthetic best. If you install a fire that is built into your dining area or garden furniture, this creates a modern feel which is perfect for entertaining guests. Whereas, if you add a chiminea or free-standing bowl firepit, it can create a more serene and relaxing space to retreat to.

Hot tub

A hot tub is a hugely popular feature amongst homeowners. Not only does it ensure you can utilise your space all year round, no matter the temperature, but it is the perfect way to bring together your friends and family to spend time in your outdoor space. A hot tub can be a focal point for parties or gatherings but can also be soothing and relaxing after a long week’s work.

Seating area

Simply adding a seating area or entertainment space in your garden is a great way to liven up the atmosphere, as it will attract more people to gather in the area when you are hosting. Alternatively, adding sofas and comfortable seating will make a more relaxing and soothing area to relax in.


Beautiful fencing in your garden not only adds aesthetic value but can be used to section off the space, which means you can have various areas for different purposes. If you are wanting a livelier garden, then you can designate sectioned-off areas for parties and entertainment or for a quiet space to relax and retreat to.

Wildlife features

Adding features that will attract wildlife to your garden can provide a soothing atmosphere to the area. Features such as bird houses, bird baths or bird feeders will attract wildlife to the area, which creates a serene environment of tweeting bird sounds, perfect for relaxing.

Bar area

If you are more focused on creating a livelier atmosphere in your garden, a great feature to add for parties is an outdoor bar area. You can make this space suited to your home’s colour scheme and aesthetic to improve the appearance of your garden as well as functionality and feel. A bar area is a unique and modern feature to add to your garden, which you can enjoy all summer.


Adding a beautiful greenhouse to your garden is great for homeowners who enjoy gardening. Gardening is a soothing activity, and having a designated space to retreat to where your plants or vegetables can thrive would bring both functionality and aesthetic value to your space.


An alternate cheaper option to adding a greenhouse to your garden is adding or building planters. You can still achieve a soothing feel by adding plants and flowers to your garden without breaking the bank. Planters can even be made through leftover materials such as wood or composite, which reduces wastage from projects and brings beauty to your area at a low cost.


A significant way to alter both the appearance and atmosphere of a space is through the use of lighting. Lighting can alter the mood of your garden and, in turn, create either a soothing or lively space, dependent on your preference. Cool lighting will provide a more modern feel. Spotlights that highlight a feature within your garden will bring life to the space, perfect for gatherings, and warm lighting is more suited to a comforting and relaxing space.


Installing or constructing an outhouse in your garden provides a space you can enjoy all year round, as it protects you from all the elements. You can choose a space that is suited to hosting with a tv or entertainment area, or you can make the space more comforting and relaxing if you want to create a more soothing space. This option is more of an investment and can add value to your property.

BBQ area

Adding an area designed for eating or cooking creates an alfresco living in your garden. This will ensure you and your family are more likely to utilise the space. Having a BBQ will liven the space, as you can host BBQ parties in summer and have dinner outside with friends. There are many BBQs available on the market, which can be chosen to fit your budget.


The feature of a gazebo is a beautiful addition to any garden. You can use a gazebo to create shade from the sun, which means you can utilise your space more often, no matter the weather. Additionally, you can hang or intertwine wisteria and plants or flowers from it to add aesthetic value naturally and attract friends and family to the area.

Composite decking

If you don’t already, installing composite decking into your garden can greatly improve the appearance of your space and even its curb appeal. Due to its durability and resistant properties, it is hugely appealing to homeowners. Therefore, if you are looking to improve your garden, investing in a composite is a great option for you. Additionally, composite decking comes in a variety of colours and surface finishes, which you can choose to suit your space. A composite decking means you can utilise your space more often, making it a more lively area.

Multi Level decking

If you are adding decking to your garden, why not choose to install a multilevel decking? Multi-Level decking provides dimension to your space and will increase the aesthetic value of your garden. You can use the multilevel decking to section off various areas and use the various levels for different purposes you may desire.

For example, if you are looking to liven the space, you can use one section or level for an entertainment area with seating or sofas.

Another strategy is to install ground-level decking in your garden space. This is a common solution in many western countries as in this article in the UK.

Built-in features

Built-in features like ice buckets within tables or furniture are perfect for parties and gatherings with friends and family. This is a great addition for summertime and will ensure you are more inclined to host, as you will be proud of your space. Even if you aren’t looking for a more lively space, you can use ice buckets to refresh yourself when relaxing in your garden in the sun.

Vegetable patch

A wholesome and soothing way to utilise your garden is by adding a vegetable patch to your landscape. Not only is this healthy and will save you money on groceries, but it can be relaxing and enjoyable for you and your family to produce food, grow and eat it.