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Green Arowana – One Of The Cheaper Arowana Fish For Collectors

The green arowana is…

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The green arowana is one of the cheapest types of arowana on the market. They will still set you back a few hundred dollars but compared to the prices been charged for other breeds of arowana like the golden arowana or the super red arowana then the price is cheap in comparison. Some of the different types of golden and red arowana are costing in the thousands of dollars price range.

The green aro is commonly found in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar waters. It grows to between 3-4 foot in length. This fish is more common in southeast Asia and because of this it doesn’t command a very high price on the markets. Another factor for the cheaper price might also be that the Chinese don’t like the colour green. They relate the colour green to losing money so the green arowana isn’t as collectible in Asia. This fish has small circular shaped head and its body is long and wide. Its has silvery coloured gills at the side of its head.

Even though the this arowana is more commonly found than some of the other breeds, it is still on the CITES endangered species list. Luckily enough for the green arowana it tends to breed quite easily so with the newer breeding farms being set up in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia this breed of fish is making a comeback. One of the reasons that it breeds so easily is of its relaxed temperament. The green arowana is not as aggressive as some of the other types like the peril arowana or the cross back arowana so you don’t have to worry about them attacking each other in the breeding tanks.

Many of the arowana collectors and enthusiasts from around the world would start off with the green arowana as its not as costly if something goes wrong. They are generally relaxed and easy to look after. As a young fish the green aro can be feed on pellets, small meal worm and shrimp. When it has grown bigger the arowana can be introduced to live baits should as small fish and frogs.

As with all Asian arowanas the Chinese believe that the green arowana protects its owner. They are seen as a lucky fish to have as a pet. If you are planning on jumping on the arowana ladder and having one of these great fish as a pet, maybe you might consider starting out with the green arowana so you can break yourself in easily.



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